Outbound Engagement

Outbound Engagement

Connect with your customers through the best channel available at the best time possible
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Targeted, personalized communication guides customers to the service solutions they need, cultivating the best customer experience and providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Zappix Outbound Engagement leverages digital and voice channels to get the right message to the right audience exactly when they need it.

Outbound Engagement is transforming
no-shows for healthcare providers:

Business benefits

Call Deflection

Preempt customer service calls and enhance CX by proactively messaging customers before they need to complain.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Zappix experiences earn an average NPS over 82 thanks to fast solutions and user-friendly interfaces.
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Connect when it counts

Reach out to customers proactively and streamline the engagement process with Zappix Outbound Engagement. Confirm appointments, inform or prepare customers, and get ahead of the curve on customer service interactions by sending the right message to the right customers at the right time.


Automate messages

Zappix Outbound Engagement integrates directly with backend systems and databases to automatically pull contact information and fill out messaging campaigns. Manage each campaign directly, and set messages to send automatically at established times, on given dates, or after specified customer actions.
Zappix Visual IVR
Zappix Visual IVR


Have your voice heard

Engage with your customers through any digital channel to make sure consumers stay continuously updated. Text messages, emails, robocalls, and more make sure customers see and hear what you want them to know, and connect them to the Zappix On-Demand App to self-serve their needs.

Capabilities that grow with you

Integrate every digital channel to make sure your brand communications are heard by customers wherever they are.
Empower customers with customized solutions catered exactly to their needs before they even complain.
Brand customization
Make sure every outbound message conveys the same brand and messaging as the material you already distribute to customers.
Seamless integrations
Zappix Outbound Engagement quickly and seamlessly integrates with any partner or third-party platform and database you use.
Zappix Outbound Engagement messages can be deployed in any language, making the solution flexible for every market.
User behavior analytics
Understand user trends and see exactly how Outbound Engagement campaigns are progressing thanks to automatic user behavior tracking.


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