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The Zappix Visual IVR provides an omni-channel experience to your customers unlocking an effortless Custoer Experience (CX), deflecting calls, and making it easier to resolve a problem or complete a transaction with low-effort interactions. The Self-Service ability allows for higher call deflection and low effort interactions, while increasing Customer Experience (CX) by creating a self-service omni-channel Visual-IVR on HTML 5, as well as a native iPhone or Android app without making any changes to your call-center or back-office IT systems.

The SmartPhone Visual IVR app can be built by a non-technical user in minutes.

Zappix Visual IVR

The Visual IVR VOICE channel

The Zappix Visual IVR phone/voice channel lets you provide your customers with a smartphone Visual IVR that integrates with existing voice IVRs and contact-center voice channels without making any changes to the existing infrastructure. The phone channel provides the ability to connect your customers with the right agent utilizing easy to use visual IVR menus on their Smartphone.

Zappix Integrates with your existing voice IVR connecting to the IVR queues for customers that prefer to converse with a live agent or to connect with existing voice automation options in order to deflect expensive call-center calls.

During the connection process the Zappix visual-IVR app provides a patented ability to control the smartphone display in order to services contextual ads for your products, services or branding messages.

Zappix Visual IVR
Zappix Visual IVR

Visual IVR Self-Service Forms

The Zappix app mobile forms let you build, edit and instantly publish mobile forms for customer service through the Mobile On-Demand Visual IVR.  The Self-Service ability allows for higher call deflection and low effort interactions, while increasing Customer Experience (CX).

The mobile form builder supports a wide variety of data types as well as conditional branching based on the value of a specific field that make it easier to build the forms you need for your customer service process.

Your customer will be able to easily fill and submit forms directly from their Smartphone and even attach images to the forms.

Mobile Media – Videos, Images, PDFs & Audio

With Zappix you can provide your customers with a large range of mobile content types.

The Visual IVR supports the inclusion of Video Clips, Audio Clips, Images & Photos, PDF Files, Interactive FAQs and GPS coordinates (for integration with the native navigation app).

Your customers can view educational and how-to videos. Display Product manuals, troubleshooting guides and even links to relevant mobile content on your website.

Zappix Visual IVR
Zappix Visual IVR

INTEGRATION Web Chat with your smartphone IVR app

Need to add a Web Chat channel? The Zappix SmartPhone Visual-IVR app integrates with popular chat vendors such as LivePerson or SnapEngage.

With just a few clicks, you can add web chat to your app! Your customers will be able to chat with your web agents directly from the Visual-IVR app using your current chat vendor.

In addition to text chat the app will let your customers snap a picture and upload it to the chat or even add their location to the chat.

Using the Information Channel – Building dynamic FAQs

The web information channel provides the ability easily provide users with access to information they might be looking for, this is a great way to deflect expensive contact center calls by providing answers to frequently sought information directly in the smartphone app.

This can also be combined with the phone channel, for example, you can notify a user that “this call can be monitored for training or quality assurance” before connecting the user to a contact center queue.

Zappix Visual IVR

Adding a text message (SMS) channel

Zappix easily integrates with existing native phone functions, such as text messaging (SMS) users can request for support or even a call back using a text message.

The Zappix customers use this option to provide access to off—hours support staff such as on-call nurse replacing expensive call service inquiries.

Integrating the IVR with with the smarphone’s native email client

In addition to text messaging the Zappix Visual-IVR app easily integrates with the internal email system providing users with the ability to communicate via an email channel.

The Zappix management console lets you develop and generate pre-populated support emails to various destinations, your customers will be able to edit this email once the email app opens on their phones.