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The Zappix Mobile Cloud Platform allows businesses of all types and sizes to cost-effectively provide a Mobile On-Demand Visual IVR experience that engages consumers, saves time, and delivers consistently high levels of customer service satisfaction.

Create and launch your own Mobile On-Demand in days Businesses can quickly implement a digital engagement solution for their smartphone customers. Compared to alternatives, a custom Zappix Visual IVR can be realized in a fraction of the time (days or weeks instead of months or years) and at a fraction of the cost with no programming skills required.

You configure and control the Consumer engagement experience With the Zappix Cloud-based management console, you create and control the entire customer experience, making changes as needed and publishing them instantly. How your customers engage with every facet of the application is entirely up to you.

Native App – Leverage the full Power of the Smartphone Because Zappix can also work as a native app (versus HTML5), it is capable of delivering an especially robust experience. Consumers can easily, conveniently and securely receive alerts, push business notifications to alternative locations and store/access recent calls, account numbers and favorite destinations.

Security & Encryption The HIPAA-compliant Zappix platform safeguards client data by maintaining the highest security standards. All Information stored on phones and on servers is fully encrypted.

Zappix Visual IVR
Zappix Visual IVR

The Management Console

The powerful Zappix management console enables businesses to control every aspect of the Zappix app by non-technical user.

From the cloud-based console businesses can create, edit and instantly publish updates, across the Mobile On-Demand Visual IVR and the native Android and iOS apps.

Businesses can easily:

  • Build, edit and deploy a visual IVR (and map to existing IVR options).
  • NOTE: You can create an entirely different set of menus that simplify how consumers engage
  • Design, edit and deploy non-voice self service options (such as mobile forms and media media).
  • Add Social media engagement options (Facebook & Twitter).
  • Control the advertising or promotions displayed during the connection process.
  • Access powerful analytics on consumer journeys across multiple channels of communication they use to engage with your business.
  • Access reports and analytics.

Powerful Cross-Channel Analytics

The Zappix platform tracks all consumer interactions on the platform and provides data on the consumer journey through voice channel, social media, or self service options. As well as cross-channel when addressing a customer service issue.

With the Zappix platform, a business can analyze their customer’s journey through voice channel, social media, or self service options. Analysis of cross-channel consumer behavior, identifying trends and measuring consumer sentiment are some of the many powerful insights a business can use to dramatically improve customer service.

Zappix Visual IVR