Agent Dashboard

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The Zappix Agent Dashboard provides Customer Service Representatives with a look into the Visual IVR part of the call to improve call center operations.  The Zappix Agent Dashboard enhances mobile based customer interactions such as service inquiries, sales, appointments and booking efforts by integrating business process management capabilities with current infrastructures, increasing agent productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.  

The Agent Dashboard transfers information gathered from the Visual IVR part of the call so this information is available to the Customer Service Representative.  This information typically includes the caller’s account number as entered into the Visual IVR and other information about the interaction.  The Agent Dashboard receives information about the call to share with the CSR.  When the call reaches the CSR, the Agent Dashboard Screen-Pop highlights information provided during the Visual IVR experience enabling the CSR to serve the customer more rapidly and with better quality.

Zappix Visual IVR