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Customer Service Visual IVR App for Utilities

Zappix provides utilities with a cloud based Visual IVR that makes it easy for consumers to do business with them. Whether you are a water, gas, or electric utility, or whether you serve 50,000 or 5 million customers the Zappix Visual IVR lets you:

  • Reduce the effort required by the customer to access customer care.
  • Provide omni-channel access to customer service on smartphones via Web, Iphone or Android apps.
  • Solve the customer’s service issues on first contact.
  • Reduce cost-to-serve the customer by empowering them with self-service app options.
  • Proactively adapt the customer engagement options for emergencies.
Zappix Visual IVR

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The Zappix Visual IVR Customer Care solution for utilities allows you to create an omni-channel support experience for your consumers in an HTML5 web app or a native iOS or Android app no matter which channel – voice or data – your customers want to engage with you.


  • Smartphone Visual IVR sends customers up to 90% faster to the right customer service representative.
  • Reduces cost, reduces mis-direct calls, and increases automation rates.
  • Self service and automation provide problem resolution without making a phone call.
  • Support for adding web content and access to email, SMS and Social Media channels to engage with you.


  • View balance and pay bill using smart mobile forms.
  • Report outages from smartphone.
  • Conduct secure transactions.
  • View and schedule appointments.
  • View service related multi-media content – Video clips, PDFs, images, FAQs and more.
  • Smart mobile “push notifications” to send alerts to customers.

Integrate with current ivr call-center infrastructure

And you are not forced to make any costly and/or time-consuming changes or upgrades to your call-center or any other CRM or ERP systems – be it from SAP, Oracle, Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, or any other of your favorite vendors.

  • The Zappix Visual IVR Works with your current IVR and call-center infrastructure
  • No need to make costly changes
  • Launch a utility app in weeks
Zappix Visual IVR