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The Impact of Visual IVR on Logistics

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Transform customer experience and reach new prospects with easy to use, 24/7 accessibility.


The objective of theis document is to present customer success stories using Zappix self-service Visual IVR solutions.

Drawing on case studies from customers, it is possible to examine how Zappix increases customer self-service, reduces calls to lie agents, and decreases costs for contact centers.

About Zappix

Zappix self-service Visual IVR solutions transform the way an enterprise connects with customers. The digital cloud-based on demand platform provides the functionality users crave with the cost decreasing and revenue producing capabilities enterprises need.

Zappix allows companies to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a mobile Visual IVR web app that provides a highly intuitive and extremely interactive customer care experience directly to smartphones. Zappix reduces live agent calls, increases first call resolution, and completely integrates with any pre-existing IVR systems.

“Zappix helped us transform the customer experience and reach new prospects we could not connect with before. Allowing prospects to utilize the Mobile On-Demand solution increased our prospect confidence in our offering and reduced the time from inquiry to closing the sales.

Our customers are telling us it is now easier to do business with us. We have increased sales by providing a smart visual experience connecting our customers with a quick and easy-to-use method for booking a service.”

— Nissim Fadida

Moishe’s Moving Systems General Manager


Zappix implemented an On Demand Visual IVR solution for Moishe’s, a moving company that offers local and long distance moving services, self-storage, and mobile storage.

Moishe’s has seen multiple benefits from implementing the Zappix solution:

  • Sales increased by 30%
  • Average time between call and sale closing reduced by 20%
  • Call containment increased from 29% to 100%
  • The Zappix platform earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90

About Moishe’s Moving Systems

Moishe’s is a full service moving, storage, and hospitality business. Moishe’s Moving company serves both individuals and businesses in the New York City area. They offer basic services, such as relocating a home, to more detailed packages that include moving offices and storing wine and fine arts.

The Challenge

Using a traditional IVR, Moishe’s customers call to book a move at all hours of the day and were occasionally lost in clunky voice IVR menus.

The majority of Moishe’s callers are looking to schedule a move. Traditional IVR struggles to organize and relay this information, forcing callers to simply leave a message after work hours or when Moishe’s agents are busy.

Although Moishe’s provides a mobile-friendly, responsive web interface for booking a move, over 60% of customer service inquiries are initiated via phone calls to customer service. The majority of potential Moishe’s customers call at night. With a traditional voice IVR, during off business hours, or when all Moishe’s agents are unavailable, these potential customers can only leave voicemail. Sometimes potential customers drop the call all together. These motivated prospects have a high conversion potential, something Moishe’s could not afford to miss out on.

The Solution

The Zappix On-Demand platform guides callers to solutions through intuitive visual menus without the need to speak with a live agent. Zappix compliments Moishe’s pre-existing IVR by integrating with their previous system. With over 90% of calls made using smartphones, the On-Demand platform provides the perfect solution for potential Moishe’s customers looking to schedule a move:

  1. The Zappix Visual IVR guides customer calls into full touch screen menus perfect for scheduling the date and location of a move, uploading photos and videos, and getting a quote.
  2. The On-Demand virtual app environment provides users with an easy connection to customer service using their smartphone with no need to download a native app.
  3. The Zappix Visual IVR shortens the time customers spend in the queue and closes the sale faster than traditional IVR.

The Results

The Zappix On-Demand Visual IVR solution earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90, considerably higher than the industry benchmark of 56. NPS is an index used to measure customer satisfaction.

The Zappix On-Demand Visual IVR solution saw a Containment Rate of 100%. That containment rate nearly tripled the former rate of 29% with Moishe’s traditional IVR alone. Containment Rate is the number of calls that resolve the customer concern without a live agent interaction.

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