Debt Collection Overview

Digitizing the Debt Collection Process


Zappix Debt Collection provides an automated, digital, and cost-effective solution for collecting micro-debts from a high volume of debtors.

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Zappix transforms the way enterprises interact with customers. Connect with debtors through a branded digital self-service platform removing barriers for successful payments and speeding up the debt collection process.
digitizing the debt collection process overview

Seamlessly connect to payment gateways and CRM systems through the Zappix cloud-based management console. Revolutionary Mobile On-Demand technology provides end users with easy to navigate visual menus that create a fast, simple to use, compelling interface for making payments.

Supercharge collections with compelling, digital Zappix Debt Collection

The drag-and-drop Zappix Studio makes creating Mobile On-Demand interfaces and managing large debtor distribution lists a snap. The Zappix Outbound Engagement system sends text and email messages to debtors to begin the collection process in an efficient, low-cost, high volume manner. Revolutionary Zappix On-Demand App technology instantly connects debtors to engaging visual menus whenever & wherever they want, breaking down barriers to successful payments while the Analytics Suite tracks every step of debtors’ journeys and creates insightful reports and alerts to keep managers informed.
digitizing the debt collection process overview

The four-part Zappix debt collection solution provides end-to-end automation and powerful self-service capabilities to increase successful micro debt collection rates while lowering costs for debt collection agencies.

Zappix Studio

Create and amend intuitive visual experiences without coding through the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio platform.

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The Zappix Studio affords managers and employees of any technical expertise the ability to create, change, and manage outbound engagement and debt collection campaigns of various size and scope. Through the studio’s user-friendly drag-and-drop creation suite, debt collectors can lay out visual menus for debtors and change functionality on the fly, in seconds.

Add large lists of targeted debtors, launch an entire campaign quickly and easily, and clone established campaigns and menus to send to other lists and create separate campaigns, all easily managed from a single interface. Adjust currencies, languages, and other variables through simplified drop-down menus and test your user journeys with live previews.

The Zappix Studio also manages integrations and APIs with your third-party CRM and Payment Gateways. Coordinate all your integrations from the cloud.

Outbound Engagement

Connect with debtors through the best channel available at the best time possible

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Zappix Outbound Engagement tools proactively connect with large lists of targeted debtors at minimal cost to maximize ROI and spark a successful debt collection process.

Meet debtors where they are, setting up a greater likelihood of success. Send text and email messages directly to debtors to digitally prompt the beginning of the debt collection process anywhere, anytime. Reach out to debtors with friendly, welcoming messages and provide the most convenient method for paying off debt. Debtors seamlessly transition between outbound engagement prompts and mobile on-demand visual interfaces.

Modern debtors don’t respond well to phone calls or home visits. The digital era calls for digital communication and digital solutions to achieve the best results. Leverage the full power of smartphones and other technology in our ever-connected society to interact with debtors on the platforms the use most often.

On-Demand Payments

Give your debtors instant access to self-service virtual apps to swiftly complete their payments and avoid the need to call.

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The most important part of any debtor’s journey toward repayment is the actual payment submission process. On-Demand App technology removes barriers to successful payments by providing the most convenient and enjoyable payment channels possible directly on debtors’ smartphones, available whenever and wherever they want them.

When debtors begin an on-demand session, the interactive visual menus your collection agents created in their Zappix Studio will activate on debtor smartphones and offer various payment options through a preferred choice of payment gateway. These payment options include:

1. Promotional Discounts

Zappix allows collection agencies to offer promotional discounts, encouraging successful repayment. Allow debtors to reduce their amount due if payment is received immediately through payment gateway connected Zappix Mobile On-Demand menus.

2. Promise to Pay

Many debtors cannot afford to, or are overwhelmed by, paying their debts immediately. Understand debtor behavior better and open communication channels with promise to pay options. Debtors can pledge to pay their debt at a specific future date in order to manage repayment and enhance success rates.

3. Payment Plans

Debtors can sign up for scheduled payment reminders, enabling automatic alerts via Zappix Outbound Engagement text or email messages. Each alert includes a direct link to a payment gateway via Mobile On-Demand technology for seamless and painless payments set to a preplanned schedule.

Actionable Analytics

The Zappix Analytics Suite provides key insights for every level of business: Operational Reporting, Business Analytics, & Actionable Analytics

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The Zappix Debt Collection process simplifies and streamlines the path to repayment for debtors, but also simplifies the process of understanding and managing debtors for collection agents and agencies.

Every step of the debt collection journey is tracked and logged by the Zappix Actionable Analytics suite. Agents can view and understand individual sessions, or trends across entire campaigns and apply those lessons to future campaigns to improve the likelihood of successful payment.

Zappix, Inc. Unveils New Comprehensive Actionable Analytics Capabilities as Part of the Zappix Analytics Suite

The Zappix Actionable Analytics suite provides two levels of insights for enterprises:

1. Operations & Business Intelligence

Includes trends analysis, operational reports, and insights regarding the customers’ journey created in real-time with data about all customer interactions.

2. Actionable Analytics

Helps enterprises make informed decisions and take actions based on behavioral parameters set in advance.

The Zappix analytics engine puts all the information managers and executives need to succeed just a click away. Set alerts for trends in debtor behavior, changes in successful repayment rates, and many other variables to stay up to the minute on campaign progress. Zappix automatically analyzes and presents insights into campaign data and helps agents compare statistics across various campaigns to determine beneficial actions and user flows.


Cloud-based Zappix SaaS solutions are designed and developed around four key principles:

  • Speed — three-quarters of online customers expect help within five minutes
  • Simplicity — trim the weight of legacy processes from customer interactions and streamline solutions for improved CX
  • Mobility — 65% have a more favorable view of brands with a mobile-responsive customer service portal
  • Automation — 88% of customers expect a self-service option to be available

Zappix KPIs

Fact Sheet KPIs

  • Speed — three-quarters of online customers expect help within five minutes
  • Simplicity — trim the weight of legacy processes from customer interactions and streamline solutions for improved CX
  • Mobility — 65% have a more favorable view of brands with a mobile-responsive customer service portal
  • Automation — 88% of customers expect a self-service option to be available

About Zappix

Zappix provides On-Demand Customer Service Solutions: Visual IVR, On-Demand Apps, Outbound Engagement, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Zappix delivers On-Demand Customer Service Solutions: Visual IVR, On-Demand Apps, Outbound Engagement and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The cloud-based solutions improve the customer journey during contact center interactions. The open platform enables workflow automation, rapid deployments, and seamless integration to back-end systems (CRMs, ERPs, etc.), and IVRs, and provides a comprehensive Analytics Suite.

The Zappix solution provides significant benefits and ROI: reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS), creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners and automation of revenue generating use-cases.

To learn more about Zappix, go to:
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