Agent Collaboration Tools

Agent Collaboration Tools


Give agents more context and caller information and enhance their capabilities to create more successful resolutions
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If a Zappix user decides to talk with a live agent, Zappix transfers the entire customer journey to the agent. Every form filled and option selected in Zappix interfaces is sent directly to agents.

Zappix technology enables agents to improve CX and find a successful resolution faster by sending the caller text messages and emails with links to forms, videos, FAQ pages and more that will expedite the assistance process when needed.

Business benefits

Reduced Agent Burnout

Zappix provides critical context when customers choose to transfer to a live agent, giving them a leg up and improving their employee experience.

Average Handle Time

Your customers help solve customer service issues and decrease average handle time (AHT) with smart self-service.

Cost Savings

Automated Visual IVR interactions get more successful resolutions while reducing your contact center budget.
agent collaboration tools make calls Start off strong


Start off strong

When customers transfer from an on-demand Zappix solution to a live agent, their entire Zappix interaction goes with them. Agents receive immediate insight into what the customer is looking for and what they’ve already tried. No need to reiterate previously submitted information like passwords and contact details. Agents can jump straight to solving the issue.


Expand the possibilities

Zappix Agent Collaboration Tools give your live agents more capabilities to get to successful resolutions faster. Whether or not customers arrive at agent interactions from a Zappix interaction, agents have the ability to send customers directly to On-Demand Apps and other Zappix solutions through any channel customers choose and can stay on the line to guide customers if needed.
zappix agent collaboration tools Expand the possibilities
zappix agent collaboration tools Reach your goals quickly


Reach your goals quickly

Legacy IVR interactions are slow and cumbersome. Make every live agent call faster by letting Zappix bots gather information from customers while they are on hold. Get to successful resolutions faster by enhancing CX using geolocation, cobrowsing, video sharing, and other tools to give agents more information during calls without customers lifting a finger.

Capabilities that grow with you

Endless integrations
Zappix Agent Collaboration Tools connect to any CRM or agent interface you use to empower all of your CSRs.
Contextual transfers
Every piece of information submitted to Zappix solutions is swiftly transferred to agents if customers opt to speak with a live agent.
Painless growth
Add more agents and scale your Agent Collaboration Tools easily as you grow thanks to cloud-based Zappix solutions.
Brand customization
Use Zappix right out of the box, or customize every agent interface and customer-facing solution to match your brand identity for a consistent presence.
Measure results
Improve your customer service interactions by tracking how different agents are using Zappix capabilities and which solutions agents connect customers to most often.
Seamless connections
Zappix solutions leverage loose coupling to easily connect to any partner or third-party backend system or database you use once customer submit information.
Distribute powerful new self-service capabilities through any and every channel customers choose, even while they’re on a voice call.
Give customers the ability to solve customer service needs on their own, or while guided by a live agent.