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The New BPO Profit Center:

On-Demand Customer Self-Service

Business Process Outsourcers are increasing revenue by leveraging state-of-the-art emerging technology.

Two emerging technologies are combining with a classic business strategy to provide the perfect solution for business process outsourcers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has established itself as the best automation solution for most business cases, and Visual IVR has brought legacy IVR tress into the 21st century with the usefulness of an instantly available app without the need for consumers to download anything onto their phones.

The combination creates a powerful automated customer service solution capable of providing incredibly fast, effective self-service CX for a majority of use cases. Traditionally, automating customer servie and deflecting calls away from contact centers wouldn’t align with the goals of many BPOs. To deliver the experiences customers want, many outsourcers have begun implementing their new on-demand self-service solutions with a new business model: charging for every call contained by their automated systems.

The New BPO Profit Center:

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