Pre/Post Procedure Managaement

Guide patients smoothly throughout the entire procedure process from prep through post procedure care.

Total Patient Engagement

Keep patients on schedule and connected to the care they need through automated reminders and interactive tools, and increase procedure success rates.

Guides patients smoothly towards successful procedures

Automatically connects patietns to information

Helps staff understand what information patients have viewed

Stops lack of patient preparation from wasting appointments

Increases procedure success rates

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  1. Outbound Engagement
  2. On-Demand Apps
  3. Patient Success

Outbound Engagement

Help patients succeed wherever they are. Reach out to patients to help them get prepared and stay on schedule for improved health.

Zappix intelligent Outbound Engagement solutions connects to patients at exactly the right time through whatever channels create the best results. Automatically send targeted messages through SMS, email, robo-calls, and other digital channels. Intelligent retry logic bots learn which channels work well and automatically makes sure patients get the right message..

On-Demand Apps

Revolutionary Zappix technology turns patient interactions into state of the art self-service experiences, smoothly guiding them directly to the answers patients need whenever and wherever they need them.

Frictionless digital patient experiences consistently earn Net Promotor Scores (NPS) over 85, and successfully resolve almost every call forwarded to them. Fast, successful, and enjoyable interactions increase patient satisfaction and improve the quality of care provided.

Perfect for:


Pre-Procedure Reminders

Make every appointment count by helping patients come fully prepared. Schedule alerts for tasks like fasting, remind patients what paperwork to bring the day of, and other pre-procedure necessities.

Post-Procedure Tasks

Keep consistent, open communication with patients to keep them on schedule with any post-procedure tasks. Automate messages or encourage patients to call your healthcare professionals.

Recovery Assistance

Help patients understand every aspect of their recovery. Provide access to a comprehensive knowledge base and instantly assist their recovery to increase successful surgery rates.

Appointment Confirmation

Avoid unpredictable no show appointments. Patients confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments while Zappix bots automatically update your schedules and databases.

Targeted Banners

Add promotional banners to your Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps to promote events and other patient-related items while the Zappix Pre/Post Procedure Management solution streamlines patient care and increases satisfaction.

Specify various triggers so your banners target the perfect patient or prospective patient to add value to their interaction and increase participation. Change out promotional campaigns on the fly with the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio and publish your newly designed banners instantly thanks to cloud-based Zappix systems.

Survey Engine

Get to know exactly how your patients interact with your healthcare professionals and what aspects of care they prefer with customizable patient surveys following every Zappix interaction.

Personalize any survey to connect directly to specific surgeries or other variables to encourage the most insightful responses and thoughtful discussion. Direct patient feedback provides incredible opportunities to improve care.




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