Delivery Reminders

Dramatically improve the efficiency of field-service technicians by confirming appointments and only sending agents where they need to be.

Automated Efficiency

Intelligently automated logic processes and seamlessly integrated Zappix RPA bots confirm every delivery with customers before sending out field agents to make sure delivery appointments go smoothly.

1. Omnichannel Engagement

2. On-Demand Apps

3. Optimized Success

Increase agent effectiveness and efficiency

Automatically confirm delivery schedules

Help customers prepare for deliveries

Reduce costs from wasted appointments

Improve customer experience

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Outbound Engagement

Connect with your customers through the best channel available at the best time possible.

Proactively send revolutionary Zappix On-Demand Apps directly to customers before delivery appointments to encourage customers to review important information and confirm the date and time of their scheduled deliveries.
Zappix interactive On-Demand Apps allow customers to instantly confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments and make sure customers are available and prepared for deliveries to occur.

Customer Service RPA

Purposefully built to provide the perfect amount of automation to support self-service solutions.

When customers make delivery confirmation decisions, specially Zappix Robotic Process Automation bots get to work automatically keeping any third-party or backend system you already utilize up to date.
Automate every aspect of the Delivery Reminders process with customizable Zappix API capabilities and seamless integrations. Zappix bots built specifically for customer service integrations launch quickly. New integrations are fully connected in 4-6 weeks, and updates launch in seconds.

Targeted Banners

Add promotional banners to your Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps to increase revenue while the Zappix Delivery Reminders solution streamlines customer care and increases customer satisfaction.
Specify various triggers so your banners target the perfect customer or prospect to add value to their interaction and increase sales. Change out promotional campaigns on the fly with the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio and publish your newly designed banners instantly thanks to cloud-based Zappix systems.

Survey Engine

Consumers are the best source for critical business insights. Discover how to increase customer loyalty, grow customer satisfaction, and improve the customer experience by targeting surveys to any customer through any channel.
Every Zappix On-Demand Self-Service interaction concludes with an NPS survey designed to connect your development teams directly to customer insights. Open responses give consumers the opportunity to identify the best aspects of your customer experience, and highlight areas of improvement to help build the perfect CX.




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