Service Interruption Management

Dramatically ease the pressure on call centers during service interruptions. Deflect calls away from agents with easy-to-use self-service.

Automation Perfected

Automatic service updates maintain continuous communication between utility providers and their customers until service is restored. The solution improves customer satisfaction while reducing call center costs.

Average Call Containment rates over 80%

Lowers contact center costs by reducing calls to agents

Reduces Average Handle Time (AHT)

Improves customer experience

Automates tedious processes, freeing live agents

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1. Call IVR

2. Select Visual IVR

3. Automated Service

Inbound Digital Self-Service

Deflect calls away from contact centers and relieve pressure on live agents.

Zappix Visual IVR captures customer service calls during service interruption volume spikes or any time with a containment rate over 80%. Add end-to-end automation and self-service capabilities to any third-party IVR or backend system you already use with customizable APIs.
Frictionless Service Interruption Management experiences consistently earn Net Promotor Scores (NPS) over 85, and successfully resolve almost every customer service call forwarded to them. Fast, successful, and enjoyable interactions increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, growing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a result.

Outbound Service Reminders

Deflect even more calls from your contact center by proactively providing the information customers want.

Reach out to customers to help them stay up to date on outage information and service restoration. Zappix intelligent Outbound Engagement solutions reach out to customers at exactly the right time through whatever channels create the best results.
Automatically send targeted messages through SMS, email, robo-calls, and other digital channels. Intelligent retry logic bots learn which channels and contact details work well and automatically make sure customers get the right message.

Lightning-Fast Customer Service

Modern customers demand fast, effective, self-service solutions. Put power back into your customers hands with automated service interruption maps & forms. Instantly provide the service your customers want while cutting costs.

Capabilities that grow with you

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Complete end-to-end automation makes Zappix Service Interruption Management the most efficient and effective self-service platform on the market.

Automate every step of the user journey with effortlessly integratabtle Zappix bots and API keys. Reduce calls to your contact center agents by empowering customers with self-service automated alternatives. Zappix RPA bots

CRM Integration

Seamless Zappix integrations and API connectivity automatically update your CRM and backend systems when customers use any self-service solution.

Keep your staff up to date on the latest developments with continuously monitored and updated databases. Zappix automation takes care of customer interactions as well as database management to make sure your customer service is as efficient as possible.

Targeted Banners

Add promotional banners to your Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps to increase revenue.

Specify various triggers so your banners target the perfect customer or prospect to add value to their interaction and increase sales. Change out promotional campaigns on the fly with the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio and publish your newly designed banners instantly thanks to cloud-based Zappix systems.


Deploy best-in-class Zappix self-service experiences through every channel customers demand quickly and easily.

Inbound customer service can be deployed through voice IVR systems, links in emails, QR codes, on websites, and any other digital channel. Proactive outbound communication is just as flexible, connecting to SMS messages, customer chat clients, voice channels via robo-call and more.

Survey Engine

Get to know your voice of the customer with instantly available, painless surveys.

Every Zappix Visual IVR interaction concludes with an NPS survey designed to connect your development teams directly to customer insights. Open responses give consumers the opportunity to identify the best aspects of your customer experience, and highlight areas of improvement to help build the perfect CX.


Every Zappix On-Demand Self-Service solution includes built-in multi-lingual capabilities out of the box.

Every menu, header, paragraph, and variable can be customized to the language and dialect needed for any market through the robust editing controls of the Zappix Studio. The powerful no-code solution makes edits on the fly and instantly publishes to every Zappix user.




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