Zappix solutions have been implemented in many industries. Discover how the Zappix suite of visual experience platforms can transform your CX today:


Make account management straightforward and simplify bill payment with secure Zappix safeguards and digital self-service platforms transforming the user journey.


Automate the claims process, enhance customer satisfaction, and evolve your CX with Zappix self-service platforms. Digitally transform the user journey with intuitive visual experiences.


Deflect calls with Zappix digital self-service capabilities. Automate pricing quotes, enhance shipment tracking, and stream instructional videos to transform the user journey.


WIZMO, returns, and other critical functions are simply and elegantly solved by the Zappix platform. Connect your customers to the visual IVR evolution today.


Zappix transforms patient care. Scheduling appointments, connecting to patients with disabilities, and other tasks is made easy and secure with HIPAA-compliant Zappix solutions.


Dynamic menus and powerful self service connect users to their accounts faster and easier than ever before. Make the user journey more efficient with Zappix.

Human Resources

Utilize Zappix self-service features to free managers from tedious HR tasks like answering schedule queries, training employees, and more.

Debt Collection

Actively engage debtors with text message campaigns, increase conversion rates with transformative Zappix technology, and reduce cost per collection.

The Visual IVR Advantage

Visual IVR On-Demand increases self-service, lowers calls to live agents, and saves money at contact centers while providing a virtual app environment streamed directly to smartphones that users in our mobile-oriented society love.

Transform the customer journey during contact center interactions with Visual IVR solutions. Improve Create new revenue opportunities with promotional banners, and understand customer behavior with actionable analytics.

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