Digital Surveys

Track & Enhance Patient Experiences

Stay connected to the voice of your patients and quickly identify improvement areas

Connect to patient feedback via any channel:



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Value-based, patient-centered care starts with fully listening to the voice of your patients. Unlock enhanced patient satisfaction by understanding patient needs, aligning caregivers & pinpointing opportunities to improve care quality.

Instant patient feedback and improved survey capabilities.

Turn any interaction into a measurable patient experience while building a culture of patient-centric care. Deploy insightful Zappix analytics and set the best practices & procedures for your patients.



Open Lines of Communication

Understand a patient’s requirements and talk directly to patients and caregivers to understand how you can improve their experience.

Unlock Proactive Improvements

Bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers and welcome patients into the care improvement process to make sure their care lives up to their expectations.

Real-Time Reactions

Digital-first, real-time survey capabilities automatically connect to any back-end system or manager console to empower your staff to react as fast as possible to any suggestion or situation.

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Digital Survey Response Rate
Digital Survey Response Rate

Increase Communication: leveraging digital surveys, healthcare practices can enhance patient engagement, improve quality of care, and foster long-term patient loyalty and satisfaction

Get Real-time Input From Your Patients:

Our digital survey solution has an exceptionally high response rate, offers customization options, provides access to a dashboard for analyzing feedback, and even enables you to link it to your Google Reviews page for added convenience, allowing you to easily see reviews like these…