Scheduling & Appointment Confirmation

Full Schedules & Happy Patients

Text message reminders connect to a rich, app-like experience to automatically confirm, cancel, or update schedules.

More than simple appointment reminders, the Zappix Scheduling and Appointment Confirmation solution engages patients with automated visual interactions, empowering them to confirm, cancel, schedule, or reschedule appointments.


Unlimited text, email, and robocall reminders connect to your backend systems to maintain schedules in real time, make sure patients don’t forget about appointments, and help make your scheduling as efficient as possible.

Dramatically reduce no-shows and keep appointment schedules full.

Zappix clients are seeing No-Show improvements starting at 17% and reducing to 5% after implementing Zappix Digital Patient Engagement.

Patient Communication:

1-to-1 messaging (chat) with text notifications:
1-to-1 Messaging

Engage in direct communication with your patients through chat, they will then receive an instant notification via text message that their provider has sent them a message.

1-to-many email messaging
(single email or cadence):

Effectively connect with your patients by utilizing a single email or designing an email cadence to inform and communicate with them, all while ensuring that each message is personalized.

Seamless Integration

Zappix syncs appointment confirmations, cancellations, and reschedules directly into your management system automatically in real time to keep you up to date.

Patient Personalization

Engaging Zappix messaging includes personalized details based on location, doctor, appointment type, or whether patients have more than one appointment for premiere service.

No-Show Recall

Sometimes patients miss appointments but that’s not the end of the care cycle. Automatically add missed appointment patients to messaging outreach and get them back on the schedule.

Future Scheduling

Automatically reach out to patients and get their next appointment scheduled with backend integration and one-touch syncing to their smartphone calendars.

Customized Messaging

View and edit your text, email, and phone messages with the easy-to-use Campaign Manager or leverage the help of expert Zappix support.

Location Friendly

Have more than one location? Zappix lets managers see reports and manage messaging from one console and one login for multiple locations easily.