Pre & Post Procedure Instructions

Modern Patient Experiences

Automatically deliver the information patients need exactly when they need it to boost patient outcomes and reduce recovery times.

Keep patients on track for success with automated, timely visual reminders equipped with embedded video, photos, and all the guidance they need delivered only when they need it.

Keep patients prepared and aware of their next steps through any device.

Forgetful patients create appointment no-shows, the need to reschedule, and business inefficiency. Automated Zappix Digital Reminders create a cadence of messaging cultivated for each patient case, delivered digitally so their are no handouts to misplace and no chance to forget.


Stay Connected:

Prep Reminders & Guides

Preparation instructions, procedure information, and appointment checklists delivered through text, email or robocall ensure patients receive the right pre-procedural information at the right time.

Post-op Tasks & Instructions

Improve patient health and procedure success by reminding patients to complete rehabilitation exercises and collect post-op questionnaires like pain meter or patient-reported outcome or experience measures (PROMs & PREMs).

Location Support

Integrate with native smartphone geolocation and map apps to get patients to the right location, include guides with images to help patients navigate complex buildings, and simplify the patient experience.

The Right Messaging at the Right Time

Throughout the week preceding an appointment, Zappix Digital Reminders alert patients of what medication to take and where to pick it up, the importance of various prep procedures, directions and parking information for their procedure location, reminders at scheduled intervals the day of their procedure, and a follow up message after the appointment with a health check-in or satisfaction survey. This approach not only ensures that patients are well-informed and prepared for their appointments but also sends the right message, at the right time, using the right platform.

Send the right message, at the right time, to the right patient, via the right media.