Intake Process

Efficient Patient Entry

Streamline intake for new and returning patients with automated digital interactions and self-service forms.

Patients complete the intake process before they arrive at an appointment or procedure, with all information automatically recorded and updated.

Digital self-service forms sent to patients as soon as they book an appointment or sent along with appointment reminders reduce the need for manual data entry and allow patients to submit all information health systems need directly to EMR databases.


Empower new patients with digital intake forms, allow returning patients to update and confirm billing and insurance details, and streamline the entire intake process. Modern self-service can streamline this process and have patients complete these tedious tasks before they arrive at an appointment or procedure.


Increase Efficiency

Patients can complete the intake process ahead of time to improve the patient experience, staff don’t need to hand out, manage, or input digital forms connected directly to databases and EMRs.

Reduce Costs

Shift intake procedure away from staff and greatly reduce the need to print out reams of paper forms, eliminating the cost of paper, ink, and postage for forms otherwise mailed to patients’ homes.

Improve Accuracy

All too often insurance claims and other processes fall apart due to human error somewhere along the procedure path. Self-Service intake allows patients to directly submit, verify, and update their information — reducing the number of opportunities for human error to interfere.

Safety & Convenience

Digital intake forms accessed on patients’ personal devices mean zero-contact curbside check-ins for patients visiting a medical facility, reducing the spread of germs through surface contact with pens and clipboards.