Patient Education

Improve Patient Outcomes & Loyalty

Illness and treatment information, helpful videos, and diagrams help patients understand their health

 Easily accessible, reliable information about symptoms and procedures empower patients to take ownership of their own healthcare and builds patient loyalty. Deliver dynamic digital information directly to patients with rich visual interactions including videos, photos, maps, and more to enhance patient understanding.

Empower patients with the knowledge to own their healthcare.

Go beyond physical handouts and 5-minute discussions during office visits and connect patients to knowledge they can’t forget or misplace.


Your Digital Front Door:

Empower Patients

Patients who are knowledgeable about their conditions and the steps they must take to stay well will see better outcomes, especially for patients with chronic management where most care occurs outside of healthcare facilities.

From Paper To Digital

Shift educational material from paper handouts to engaging digital material. Unlock the benefits of digitalization including more efficient, lower cost updates to content, edit and change information in minutes, and instantly distribute new material to patients.

Build Long Term Relationships

Delivering the information patients are looking for exactly when they need it can help ease worried patients, positions healthcare providers as voices of authority, and can greatly improve patient loyalty. Engaging, easy to understand patient education is vital to achieving the best patient engagement possible.

Create Frictionless Experiences

Zappix Patient Engagement solutions don’t stop at visual knowledge bases. Digital Zappix interactions connect patients directly to the next step in care. Transfer patients directly from educational material to appointment booking, relevant physician contact information, and other steps towards continual health.