Gastroenterology Patient Engagement

Streamline the patient experience, improve patient preparedness, and provide timely digital reminders and content directly to patients exactly when they need it.

Total Patient Engagement

Keep patients on schedule and connected to the care they need through automated reminders and interactive tools, and increase procedure success rates.

Improve Revenues by Loss Avoidance
Free Up Staff for More Productivity
Reduce Rescheduling by Improved Preparedness
Zero Operational Disruption

From Paper to Digital

Benefits Our Current Clients Are Seeing

The Right Messaging at the Right Time

Throughout the week preceding an appointment, Zappix automated patient engagement alerts patients of what medication to take and where to pick it up, the importance of fiber and water intake, directions and parking information for their procedure location, reminders at scheduled intervals the day of their procedure, and a follow up message after the appointment with a health check-in or satisfaction survey. We deliver the right message, at the right time, to the exact person intended for the sequence.

Perfect For:

Pre-Procedure Reminders

Make every appointment count by helping patients come fully prepared. Schedule alerts for tasks like fasting, remind patients what paperwork to bring the day of, and other pre-procedure necessities.

Post-Procedure Tasks

Keep consistent, open communication with patients to keep them on schedule with any post-procedure tasks. Automate messages or encourage patients to call your healthcare professionals.

Recovery Assistance

Help patients understand every aspect of their recovery. Provide access to a comprehensive knowledge base and instantly assist their recovery to increase successful surgery rates.

Appointment Confirmation

Avoid unpredictable no show appointments. Patients confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments while Zappix bots automatically update your schedules and databases.

Digital Reminders

Help patients succeed wherever they are. Reach out to patients to help them get prepared and stay on schedule for improved health.

Zappix intelligent Campaign Manager helps you connect to patients at exactly the right time on whatever device patients prefer. Automatically send targeted messaged through text messages, email, robo-calls, and other digital channels. Intelligent retry logic boys learn which channels work well and automatically make sure patients get the right message.

Zappix Healthcare

On-Demand Apps

Revolutionary Zappix technology turns patient interactions into state of the art self-service experiences, smoothly guiding them directly to the answers patients need whenever and wherever they need them.

Frictionless digital patient experiences consistently earn Net Promoter Scores (NPS) over 85, and successfully resolve almost every call forwarded to them. Fast, successful, and enjoyable interactions increase patient satisfaction and improve the quality of care provided.