Zappix Visual IVR

The Mobile On-Demand Customer Service Platform Transforming the User Journey

Visual IVR Transforms Enterprises

  • Improve customer satisfaction rates by 67% or more

  • Lower average time to successful resolution by 75%

  • Zappix earns an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91

  • Reduce costs at the contact center with fewer calls to live agents

  • Customers don’t need to download a mobile app


The fastest, simplest CX solution for WIZMO, returns, and other critical customer service functions. Deflect calls and delight customers with Zappix Visual IVR.


Scheduling appointments, connecting to patients, and other patient-oriented tasks are made easy and secure with WIPAA-compliant Zappix solutions.


Automate the claims process, enhance customer satisfaction, and evolve your CX with Zappix self-service platforms. Digitally transform the user journey.

Zappix Visual IVR

Zappix Visual IVR self-service platforms provide a mobile, on-demand solution to transform the customer experience. Give customers the answers they need at the speed they expect with revolutionary Zappix mobile engagement technology.

Enhanced Self-Service

The world moves at the speed of Twitter, but somehow IVR has stayed stuck in the ’90s. Enhance customer engagement with the digital advantage of Zappix virtual-app environments. Experience Visual Interactive Voice Response in action.