Zappix works with industry leaders to enhance reseller offerings, increase business optimization, seamlessly integrate with other platforms, and create the best customer service experience possible.

Technology Partners & System Integrators

Zappix partners with industry leading companies delivering advanced technology around the globe, including:

Referrals & Consultants

Customer expectations are evolving. Zappix technology empowers brands and helps them keep up with the rapidly changing industry. Our referral and consultant partners play a key role in introducing businesses to transformative Zappix technology. We partner with referral agents and consultants for as long as they want and keep them up to date with a committed sales and marketing team determined to help make the referral and pre-sale process as smooth and rewarding as possible.


Zappix reseller partners add a powerful solution to their offering, positionable as a stand-alone software with impressive ROI, a supplemental SaaS to enrich other offerings, or an omni-compatible platform supporting and enhancing any IVR, CRM, or customer care solution currently in use. Zappix Visual IVR works with reseller agents to provide the best solution possible for their customers. Flexible teams are determined to create the perfect package for each reseller partner to create maximum value.


Robotic Process Automation and the future of AI is transforming the BPO landscape. Zappix Visual IVR offers superb optimization to boost our BPO partners’ offerings while enhancing customer satisfaction. Our platforms contain >80% of customer service calls they receive, freeing up live agents to focus on value-added situations and reducing average handling time.

Contact Center Technology

Zappix is focused on pushing innovation in contact center technology to the next level. The future of automation and digital enhancement is coming fast, and our contact center partners are determined to offer the best technology to companies striving to keep up with the changing landscape. Together with our contact center technology partners, Zappix is constantly developing advancements for our Visual IVR platforms to keep them on the cutting edge of innovation.

System Integration

Zappix works hard to keep our platforms technologically agnostic and compatible with every IVR, CRM, and any other technology businesses might be using to connect with customers. Our system integration partners make sure our Visual IVR seamlessly integrates with industry leaders in contact centers and customer management. Zappix omnichannel capabilities are the result of these integrations and connectivity thanks to our system integration partners.