Prevent unnecessary field visits, deflect common calls like outage reports away from contact centers, and improve the customer experience with a modern, on-demand, visual Digital Engagement Solution.

Zappix Recognized as “Most Promising Utilities Tech Solutions Provider 2024” by CIO Review​

Zappix Digital Engagement solutions empower callers to quickly transition from voice calls to visual self-service. Callers to traditional IVR lines are provided with an option in the IVR to use self-service. When they choose it, Zappix sends a text message with a link to the Visual IVR. The customer then resolves the reason they called using their mobile phone, all in simple to use visual menus.

Make account management straightforward and simplify bill payment with secure Zappix safeguards and digital self-service platforms transforming the user journey. Modern customers demand fast, digital customer service channels delivered whenever and wherever they want.

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Zappix for Utilities Features

Service Interruption Management

Dramatically ease the pressure on call centers during service interruptions. Deflect calls away from agents with easy-to-use self-service.

Zappix Digital Engagement options deflect calls away from traditional IVR channels to automated resolutions. Deliver easy to use Zappix smart forms to make outage reporting fast and easy for customers. Automatic service updates targeted by location display outage status on the first screen to deliver the information users want as fast as possible. The solution improves customer satisfaction while reducing call center costs.

Modern Engagement & Clear ROI

Zappix Digital Engagement reduces customer service costs and increases customer satisfaction with modern automation.

Prevent Unnecessary Truck Rolls — Proactive appointment confirmation text and email messages make sure customers are ready for technicians to arrive on site, and dynamic reporting forms with photo and video upload help utilities send technicians with the right tools to the right appointments.

Deflect Calls — Zappix Digital Engagement solutions reduce costs at the contact center by deflecting common calls like outage reporting away from agents to self-service solutions. Capturing calls with automation reduces the pressure on call centers during unexpected spikes in call volume as well.

Satisfy Customers — Customers are happier using Zappix. Effective and efficient self-service solves problems quickly and easily through any digital channel, increasing customer loyalty and reducing customer churn.

Analytics & Surveys

Track and analyze every step of the user journey to understand which use cases get the most volume, where users get stuck, and what they really think about their experiences.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. Surveys automatically served at the end of visual experiences collect the voice of the customer and give direct insight into what they care about. See what use cases callers access most often, and when different types of requests increase or decrease to get a complete understanding of your customers.