Retail & eCommerce

Automating common customer service calls like ‘Where Is My Order’ and ‘Returns’ whenever and wherever customers need, deflecting tedious calls away from live customer service agents.

Zappix Digital Engagement solutions transform the user journey for retail and e-commerce customers. Order status, return requests, loyalty program inquiries, and other common calls are deflected away from live agents and contained by Visual IVR — the Zappix digital self-service solution that complements traditional voice IVR.

Connect your customers to intuitive, automated Visual IVR today to increase customer satisfaction and deflect calls away from live agents, reducing your costs.

Zappix For Retail Features

Improve Containment

Intuitive self-service complements your current systems and handles common use cases like order tracking without the help of live agents.

Turn tedious customer service encounters into fast, automated, self-service interactions. Rich, visual, app-like experiences get customers the answers they need quickly and easily. The Visual IVR process seamlessly captures callers from your Voice IVR and deflects them to Zappix automation, freeing up agents, speeding up average handle time, and reducing contact center costs.

Wherever. Whenever.

Automatically handle your most common customer service interactions 24/7, through any channel customers use.

Revolutionary Zappix multichannel technology brings customer service automation to any channel — your voice IVR, website, chatbots, emails, QR codes — and delivers the fast, easy to use automated customer service modern consumers demand. Turn 4-5 minute agent conversations into 30-second long automated solutions.

Analytics & VOC

Track and analyze every step of the customer journey to understand which use cases get the most volume, where customers get stuck, and what customers really think about your customer experience.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. See what customer service needs customers access most often, when customer service requests increase or decrease, and leverage integrated customer surveys to get a complete understanding of the voice of the customer.

Banner Ads & Promotions

Visual Zappix interactions deliver targeted banners and promotions directly to the customers they influence most.

Remind customers about sales and promotions with interactive banners as soon as they load the first page of a Zappix solution. Place banner ads with special promotions on main menus. Suggest other products customers might prefer after they request a return. Transform a customer service encounter into a potential revenue generating experience.

Potential Use Cases

Where Is My Order Requests

Customer Service RPA bots automatically retrieve order status details from your databases when customers log in with brand account or order information.

Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers log in to their account through secure Zappix channels for instant access to view their rewards points total, browse offers, and learn how to unlock more rewards.

Returns Processing

Customers use an integrated Zappix smart form to start the returns process, and RPA bots automatically update your records and create a shipping label for customers.

Product Registration

The fastest, most reliable, and most convenient product registration system on the market. Customers simply scan a QR code and connect to a smart form with their product information already filled out.

Store Locator

Use geolocation to instantly discover the most convenient locations nearby. Integrates into native map applications for easy directions

Account Management

Let customers change payment methods, adjust favorites, create lists, and manage every aspect of their accounts

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