Public Sector

Provide digital self-service to residents and citizens calling into public sector contact centers to improve the experience and deflect tedious calls off agents’ plates.

Answer any public sector question citizens might have with Zappix Digital Engagement Platform specifically for government. Automated solutions reduce pressure on live agents, deflecting tedious, repetitive calls and letting agents focus on more engaging, complex interactions where their expertise is best utilized.

Empower citizens with instant engagement tools. Easy to navigate, automated, visual menus provide assistance through any channel citizens choose 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Zappix for Public Sector Features

Visual IVR For Public Sector

Intuitive visual self-service turn lengthy agent interactions into fast, cutting edge experiences with a time to resolution a fraction as long as traditional call times.

For most public sector calls that traditionally need to gather a lot of information from citizens in a secure method, Zappix smart forms can speed up that process by having callers submit information on their own, directly to backend systems to be processed. Connecting citizens directly to databases reduces human error and delivers a 21st century experience.

Smooth, enjoyable self-service satisfies citizens digital expectations with lower AHT, increased CSAT, improved NPS scores, and shorter time to resolution. Zappix on-demand mobile self-service platforms deliver all the benefits of a native app with none of the drawbacks — lower development and maintenance costs and no download needed for users.

Digital Citizen Engagement Platform

Zappix Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and visual engagement solutions deliver many benefits, including:

Proactive Engagement — Zappix Digital Outreach campaigns use proactive messaging via SMS, email, or robocalls and easy to use Visual IVR interfaces regarding the status of the application progress as well as other specific use cases.

Common Forms — Streamline tedious process by automating the most common form submissions and citizen enquiries. Dedicated Zappix bots make form submissions faster and easier than ever before.

Digital Collaboration — Modern citizens expect smoothly integrated, robust collaboration between themselves and live agents in our digital world. Bring speed and added functionality to every interaction with Zappix.

Improved Access — Hearing impaired citizens struggle with traditional IVR systems. Zappix Digital Engagement Platform engages multiple senses to make lightning fast service accessible for every citizen.

Analytics & Surveys

Track and analyze every step of the user journey to understand which use cases get the most volume, where citizens get stuck, and what they really think about their experiences.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. Surveys automatically served at the end of visual experiences collect the voice of citizens and give direct insight into what they care about. See what needs users access most often, and when different types of requests increase or decrease to get a complete understanding of your citizens.

Potential Use Cases

Policy FAQ

Provide citizens instantly accessible knowledge bases to answer the most important questions regarding public policy, taxation, and other areas.

Unemployment Application

Automate and streamline the unemployment application process by letting citizens securely submit information through Zappix smart forms equipped with signature panels and document upload functionality.

Contact Officials

Engaged citizens can quickly and easily find and utilize contact information for any government official. Lookup by name, department, or title.

Video Tutorials

Some questions can’t be answered with a simple conversation. Deploy more informative video tutorials to answer more complex questions.

Standardized Form Submission

Interactive forms automatically answer citizens’ needs. Change of address, government applications, and more available instantly.

Application Status

Flexible Zappix API connections deliver the status of any connected government application or processed form directly to users for fast and easy resolutions.