Roadside Assistance

Intuitive self-service automation deflects calls away from live agents and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty through smart forms and automated dispatch.

Guide customers through complicated processes with dynamic digital smart forms. Deflect contact center calls away from agents and provide customers with instant access to interactive tutorials and continuously updated knowledge bases. Send field-service technicians only where they’re needed with automated service reminders. 

Make every answer to every common customer question easily available when it’s needed, where it’s needed, through digital channels like text messages, emails, or embedded URLs.

Case Study:
Roadside Assistance Service Provider

One of the largest roadside assistance service providers in the United States wanted to significantly reduce the number of long, expensive calls to its customer service reps and improve the customer experience for stressed road-side callers.

Zappix For Roadside Assistance Features

Speedy, Streamlined Interactions

Intuitive visual self-service turn lengthy agent interactions into fast, cutting edge experiences with a time to resolution a fraction as long as traditional customer service.

Roadside assistance providers that traditionally need to gather a lot of information from customer service callers via phone conversations can speed up that process by having callers complete intuitive forms on their own, submitting information directly to backend systems to be processed.

Lower AHT, increased CSAT, improved NPS scores, and shorter time to resolution mean you can compete with other service providers and reduce customer churn. Zappix on-demand mobile self-service platforms deliver all the benefits of a native app with none of the drawbacks — lower development and maintenance costs for businesses and no download needed for users.

Mobile Digital Self-Service

Simplify a roadside assistance call process with easy to use self-service capabilities available 24/7.

Customers instantly create an automated ticket for dispatch in order to collect the relevant information to get assistance provided. 

Digital smart forms on the on demand app are able to pull account detail and automate workflows to ask the right questions based on incident and policy details.

Analytics & VOC

Track and analyze every step of the user journey to understand which use cases get the most volume, where callers get stuck, and what callers really think about your customer experience.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. See what customer service needs users access most often, when customer service requests increase or decrease, and leverage integrated surveys to get a complete understanding of the voice of the customer.

Potential Use Cases

Roadside Assistance

Easy to use navigation and automated workflows guide callers step by step through the entire roadside assistance process, reducing the number of calls to agents and improving the customer experience for stressed road-side callers.

Knowledge Bases

Connect customers directly to the information they need with knowledge bases that are easy to navigate and deliver powerful content like step-by-step guides and helpful video FAQs.

Field Service Requests

Gather all the information necessary including customer photos and videos to deploy properly prepared field technicians and reduce the need for return trips.

Dynamic Scheduling

Automated self-service connects to your backend systems to make scheduling pickups, deliveries, and field visits fast and easy for your business and your customers.

Smartphone Geolocation

Keep customers up to date with automated notifications and simplified digital tracking.