Transform the User Journey

Zappix transforms the user journey during contact center interactions. The cloud-based Zappix solutions provide a full visual experience for customers, increasing self-service rates, reducing costs, and providing up-sell opportunities, while improving customer satisfaction. Zappix virtual app environments join together smartphone touch screens, cutting-edge technology, and modern convenience to bring IVR technology into the 21st century.

Visual IVR example in a phone for Zappix


Avner Schneur

Chairman & CEO

Avner Schneur is the Founder & CEO of Kormeli, LLC. He is chairman of PetPace, FoodieBytes, Zappix, board member in Nipendo and ESCBaz, and President & CEO of GRM Document Management.

Patrick Byrne

Board Member

Patrick Byrne is providing invaluable business strategy insights to leading global companies. Patrick held executive position at multiple global companies, among them Accenture, AlixPartners and A.T. Kearney.

Yossi Abraham


Yossi Abraham holds over 20 years of experience in various managerial roles, mainly in the Telecom and IT industry. Managerial positions include sales and business development, marketing, project management and chief of staff.

Scott Mattocks

VP Engineering

Scott Mattocks is an experienced technology leader and architect with an established record of growing and retaining well-balanced, high functioning engineering teams that ship. He holds over eighteen years of experience designing and building scalable systems.

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Why Zappix?

On Demand Technology

Vibrant Visual IVR interfaces create an easy to use platform for callers looking for help. Zappix On Demand technology streams Visual IVR directly to customers' smartphones.

Increased Self Service

Tracking shipments, submitting claims, managing accounts, and other critical tasks are easier with Visual IVR. Zappix allows users to answer their own questions and solve their own problems.

Actionable Analytics

The Zappix analytics suite tracks every step of the user journey through its Visual IVR platforms. Managers and executives discover insights into customer behavior and menu trends to perfect CX.

Lower Costs

Visual IVR helps callers solve their own problems. Increased self service means fewer calls are handled by live agents, lowering contact center costs. Enterprises save money and increase customer satisfaction through Zappix Visual IVR.

Innovative Collaboration

Feature-rich Visual IVR menus aren't the only innovative technology revolutionizing customer care. Zappix plugs live agents directly into smartphone features with cobrowsing and geolocation.

Promotional Banners

Visual IVR menus provide convenient, quick resolutions for customers, but also serve as a prime platform for enterprises to promote new offerings. Targeted promotional banners turn customer care into a revenue opportunity,

Zappix Visual IVR Self-Service In Action On a White iPhone

Transform the User Journey

We live in a low-attention, instant gratification, mobile-oriented culture. Life moves at the speed of Twitter, but somehow traditional IVR platforms have stayed rooted in the 90s. Customers carry computers in their pockets and voice-based IVR doesnu2019t scratch the surface of that potential. Zappix virtual app environments join touch screens, million-megapixel cameras, and geolocation satellites together to transform the user journey with Visual IVR.

Zappix Visual IVR Self-Service In Action On a White iPhone


Meet Some Other Zappix Team Members: