Zappix Industries

Zappix revolutionary Digital Engagement Solutions are improving CX, lowering costs, empowering agents, and increasing revenue across many industries. Choose the right vertical for your business and join the digital engagement revolution today!

Connect directly to patients wherever they are to create more personalized, more responsive communication. Scheduling appointments, connecting to patients with disabilities, and other patient-oriented tasks are made easy and secure with HIPAA-compliant Zappix solutions.



Accelerate digital transformation by providing a profitable digital self-service solution to clients. Leverage modern self-service to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace and drive customer loyalty. Zappix automation reduces costs while improving customer service.

Connect with your customers through automated Digital Engagement today to increase customer satisfaction and deflect calls away from live agents, reducing your costs. Order status, return requests, loyalty program inquiries, and other common calls are deflected away from live agents and contained by Visual IVR.

Retail & eCommerce


Compete on more than just the price of premiums. Automate the claims process, enhance customer satisfaction, and evolve your CX with Zappix Digital Engagement Solutions built for P&C and other insurers. Automate common customer interactions to reduce average handle time (AHT) while increasing customer loyalty.

Intuitive self-service automation deflects calls away from live agents and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty by smoothly guiding customers through common service needs like order tracking, FAQs, and field service requests. Make every answer to every common customer question easily available.

Logistics & Services


Offer callers the most convenient, easy to use CX for your most common customer service use cases. Add the Zappix Debt Recovery solution to remove barriers to entry and increase the rate of successful payments. Secure Zappix FinTech solutions make customer service easier and more enjoyable.

Answer any question citizens might have through digital interfaces and robotic process automation (RPA) built for government. Automated solutions reduce pressure on live agents, deflecting tedious, repetitive calls and letting agents focus on more engaging, complex interactions.

Public Sector / SLED


Make account management straightforward and simplify bill payment with secure Zappix safeguards and digital self-service platforms transforming the user journey. Modern customers demand fast, digital customer service channels delivered whenever and wherever they want.