The suite of Zappix CX solutions caters to the various needs of customer care professionals. Let Zappix help you provide the best service to your customers

On Demand

Digitally stream the exact answer users are looking for when callers select the option with legacy IVR menus. Provide the right form, collect digital media, and let your CX evolve.

Multi Menu

Leverage the full power of the smartphones with cloud-based digital self-service. The Zappix Multi Menu virtual app environment connects users directly to the answers they need.

Always On

Always On gives users a consistent platform to return to every time they need help, through whatever channel they choose, while reducing live contact center agent interactions.

Agent Dashboard

Improve contact center interactions with innovative collaboration tools connecting live agents directly to users. The Zappix Agent Dashboard gives agents the context they need.

Actionable Analytics

Track user activity, set up active alerts for managers, and interpret accurate data analysis thanks to the Zappix Actionable Analytics platform.

Outbound Engagement

Proactively message customers individually or in groups, increase sales, and send scheduled reminders with Outbound Engagement.

IVR Directory App

A robust network of enterprises and customer care solutions under one roof for easy user access. Connect your enterprise to the network that started the IVR revolution.

The Visual IVR Advantage

Visual IVR On-Demand increases self-service, lowers calls to live agents, and saves money at contact centers while providing a virtual app environment streamed directly to smartphones that users in our mobile-oriented society love.

Transform the customer journey during contact center interactions with Visual IVR solutions. Create new revenue opportunities with promotional banners, and understand customer behavior with actionable analytics.

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