Digital Self-Service for BPOs

Accelerate digital transformation by providing a profitable Digital Engagement Solution to clients. Leverage modern self-service to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace and drive customer loyalty.

Profitable Self-Service

Zappix automation reduces costs while improving customer service. Innovative business models create a win/win for BPO providers and customers.

Direct Benefits for BPOs:

Profitable Self-Service

Zappix business model reduces the cost of resolving consumers’ calls and lets BPOs charge for self-service interactions

Competitive Modern Portfolio

Stay ahead of the competition by offering the most advanced, field-proven, self-service solutions

Automate Tedious Tasks

Reduce agent burnout from tiresome, tedious interactions and free agents up to focus on more complex interactions, increasing agent engagement

Faster Scaling & Onboarding

Effective automation reduces the amount of new hires needed during seasonal ramp ups

Improve Customer Experiences

Diverse offerings make BPO portfolios more valuable to clients and prospects

Increase Revenues for Your Customers

Add up-sell opportunities within Zappix’s solutions during or after interactions

Win/Win for BPOs

Reduced Agent Burnout

Let self-service automation handle the tiresome, repetitive, low-skill tasks that burnout agents and let them focus on the high-empathy calls where their skills and expertise are most valuable.

Lower Costs

Automated Visual IVR interactions deflect calls away from live agents and by increasing call containment rates to let BPOs handle higher volumes at lower cost.

Simple, Secure Compliance

Automated Zappix solutions like our Payment Bot complete highly-regulated interactions safely and securely with no risk of human error to make compliance fast and easy.