Healthcare Payers

Streamline communication channels, enhance member experiences, and improve operational efficiencies.

With Zappix Digital Engagement, you can effectively engage with members, providers, and other stakeholders through a variety of digital channels, including mobile apps, text messages, and emails.

Empower individuals with instant engagement tools. Easy to navigate, automated, visual menus provide assistance through any channel citizens choose 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

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Zappix for Healthcare Payers Features

Digital-First Self-Service

Convenient, on-demand, and tailored to member preferences.

Intuitive visual self-service allows members to easily navigate complex systems and access critical information more efficiently through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

By incorporating visual elements and digital engagement, healthcare payers can guide members through various self-service options, including checking eligibility, reviewing benefits, and processing claims. This not only reduces the need for traditional phone-based interactions but also empowers members to resolve inquiries and complete tasks independently, leading to shorter wait times and increased satisfaction. By decreasing call center volumes, Digital Self-service reduces costs and improves overall operational efficiency. 

Omnichannel Digital Outreach

Orchestrated omnichannel outreach engages members through digital (text & email), voice (inbound & outbound), and mail to maximize engagement results and deflect calls to the call center.

Through personalized interactions and timely notifications, digital outreach empowers customers to resolve issues independently, reducing reliance on traditional call center support. The reduction in call volume minimizes operational expenses associated with handling high call volumes.Zappix Digital Outreach leverages digital and voice channels to get the right message to the right audience exactly when they need it.


Optimized Agent Interactions

A 360 member view for all agent-related tasks needed to ensure a successful member interaction.

The Zappix Digital Engagement Platform provides agents with a comprehensive solution to seamlessly manage all member interactions in real-time from a single interface.

Analytics & Surveys

Track and analyze every step of the user journey to understand which use cases get the most volume, where citizens get stuck, and what they really think about their experiences.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. Surveys automatically served at the end of visual experiences collect the voice of citizens and give direct insight into what they care about. See what needs users access most often, and when different types of requests increase or decrease to get a complete understanding of your citizens.

Digital Engagement Benefits