Zappix Launched Referral Management Service with a Healthcare Provider to Improve Patient Leakage

The Digital Patient Engagement Solution provider announced the launch of their Referral Management service with an existing healthcare client.

 BURLINGTON, MASS. (PRWEB) November 14, 2022 — Zappix has deployed an automated digital engagement solution that reminds patients of their referrals, explains the importance of those procedures, and drives the scheduling of appointments. The service has replaced a costly manual workflow and has shown significant improvement in booked appointments. Zappix’s Referral Management solution was implemented to proactively connect patients with referrals to a simple solution for booking appointments right from their fingertips.  


Zappix’s solution automates the process of transforming a referral to a scheduled patient. The automated solution replaces the need for providers to have staff call each referral multiple times until they reach them to book an appointment. The service automatically sends digital messages in high volumes, lowering staff effort and increasing the number of scheduled appointments.

The benefits of the Referral Management solution are clear – higher booked appointments rate at a much lower effort and cost for the organization. 

“We are excited to see that the Patient Referral Management service is helping healthcare providers improve the patient leakage,” said Yossi Abraham, Zappix President & CEO. “We are continuously enhancing the Zappix Digital Patient Engagement Solution, and allow our healthcare clients to improve Patient Experience while driving automation and efficiency of key workflows.”

Zappix clients are seeing over 60% of their patients are converting from a referral to a booked appointment using the Referral Management solution. The use of engaging content, timely reminders, informative graphics, and an easy-to-navigate interface encourages patients to book appointments they have yet to schedule by informing them of the importance of the appointment and making the process simple from any device.  

About Zappix

Zappix transforms the patient journey with easy-to-use, modern digital patient engagement tools to improve the quality of care and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty. The cloud-based solutions enable workflow automation, rapid developments, seamless integration to EMRs & back-end systems, and provide a comprehensive Analytics Suite. 

Zappix provides significant benefits and ROI by improving quality of care, increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty, improving financial outcomes, and increasing hospitals’ competitive advantage and positioning. 

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