Zappix Case Study

Arts & Crafts Retailer

Impressive Cost Control and Enhanced CX

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A major arts & crafts retailer in the U.S. launched new Visual IVR technology and unlocked impressive results.


The customer care team at one of the largest arts and crafts retailers in the U.S. had been utilizing a traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to help handle WIZMO (Where’s My Order) calls and return status calls. While traditional IVR is helpful in providing consumers with a self-service option, the adoption rate is very low and 60-70% of calls end up with an agent. The retailer turned to Zappix and omnichannel commerce technology company, Radial, for a solution. The other trend impacting customer care is the customers’ desire for an option of 24/7 self-service, with most calls (up to 60%) being initiated from a mobile device. Since the customer service department is not available 24/7, an automated self-service option provided the best opportunity to provide the desired capabilities. The retailer also wanted a way to keep their customers informed of their order’s shipping status to further mitigate WIZMO calls. “The Zappix Visual IVR solution would help improve self-service options during the peak holiday seasonwhile lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaciton.”


The retailer agreed to pilot the Zappix Visual IVR digital self-service solution during the peak holiday season to help improve their self-service options while lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction rates. The Visual IVR platform is designed to cut down on costly live-agent transfers and greatly improve the mobile service experience. The solution gives mobile consumers a highly intuitive visual interface as an alternative to a traditional phone tree (which tend to culminate in calls being forwarded to live agents). With Visual IVR, the arts & crafts retailer’s customers can choose to quickly navigate a visual menu optimized for smartphones, and then simply select options by touch instead of listening to a list of options and interacting via voice. The result is a much faster, frictionless, and satisfying support experience that gives customers exactly the information they want — using the channel and device that they prefer. “The result is a much faster, frictionless, and satisfying support experience that gives customers exactly the information they want.”


The Zappix Visual IVR solution gave this large arts & crafts retailer’s customers a self-service option that mitigated low IVR adoption rates. Now, when customers on a mobile device call the contact center, they are given the option to proceed using an online interface where they can quickly and independently answer order and tracking questions.

Real Results

Cost Control The Visual IVR produced over 75% containment, saved over $47k, and deflected 13k calls away from agents. Customer Experience Customers were highly satisfied with the experience, averaging an NPS of 84 in calls withagent interactions. Win/Win for Costs and Consumers Reduction of over 5 minutes AHT (Average Handle Time) between Traditional IVR and Visual IVR interactions. The pilot allowed the retailer to control and reduce costs associated with live agent interactions. The company experienced over 75% call containment, saved over $47k, and prevented 13k calls from going to an agent in the first three months alone. Customers had positive feedback and gave an NPS rating of 91 for ease of use, 83 NPS to recommend a friend, and 84 NPS for satisfaction when not needing an agent. Average Handle Time (AHT) for calls where no agent was needed was reduced from over 6 minutes per call to under 1 minute. Overall, the Visual IVR solution was a win/win for both the arts & crafts retailer and the customers. “We want our customers to have seamless and frictionless interactions with us. We have a loyal customer base, so continuously improving customer satisfaction is important. Visual IVR helped us keep our customers happywith a self-service care option while helping keep our customer care costs down throughout the peak holiday season.” — Arts & Crafts Retailer

Customer Quotes

“Super easy – thanks!!” “This was fantastic! I wish all companies would use this type of technology!! I was able to use my smart phone, text message and answer questions all at the same time. Efficient and easy!” “Very user friendly; Awesome-thank you!” “Great concept! Unique I like it!” “Great service, I did not have to call and wait on the line. Thank you” See The Retail Fact Sheet arts and crafts retailer case study

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