Survey Engine

Hear more direct feedback from customers and turn those conversations into action
zappix survey engine starts the conversation with customers

Every single Zappix interaction concludes with an automatic Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey powered by the Zappix Survey Engine. These 30-second, painless surveys help Zappix customers learn about consumers’ experiences and gain powerful direct insights into customer satisfaction.

Add your own customized surveys for any need and gather important information with fast, user-friendly, on-demand Zappix Surveys.

Consumer responses to Zappix surveys

Learn More Often with Zappix Survey Engine


Learn more often

The Zappix Survey Engine automatically deploys NPS and other surveys immediately after the conclusion of any Zappix interaction. Customers don’t have to navigate to another web page on their own or wait for surveys to be sent to them. Instant, painless access to surveys increases responses and gives you more insights more often.


Maximize your data

Making it easy for customers to answer surveys is just the beginning. The Zappix Survey Engine collects every answer across every survey in one convenient location for easy comparisons and tabulated data. Don’t miss any insights by splitting surveys up between segmented departments. Discover actionable insights and share them between teams so you can grow your business faster.
Maximize Your Data with zappix survey engine
Design Your Way with zappix survey engine


Design your way

Build your surveys the way you want and make sure they mesh with your brand identity. Best in class no-code Zappix customization means customers taking your surveys observe a seamless experience across all your brand touchpoints. Design custom themes using the colors, fonts, and logos you want and complete the experience with your own custom thank you pages.

Capabilities that grow with you

User friendly
The Zappix Survey Engine is built with a no-code solution that turns anyone into a programmer thanks to user-friendly interfaces.
Meet customers where they are, whether on mobile, web, emails or any other channel customers choose thanks to on-demand technology.
Powerful variables
Find deep insights with advanced survey capabilities including variable branching, conditional questions, A/B testing, question skipping, and more.
Immediate insights
Track and analyze every survey response in real time and gain valuable insights into customer experiences as soon as they happen.
Compare results
Zappix Survey Engine gathers every response in one place allowing for easy comparisons and trends analysis.
Customized dashboards
Every user connected to the Zappix Survey Engine can choose customizable dashboard views and organize their workflows.
View your way
Create custom filters to view your data any way you wish and export your data to any file type you need.
Access controls
Allow limited access depending on different users’ roles. Control what capabilities and surveys each user sees with simple controls.