Analytics Suite

Dive into data

The Zappix Analytics Suite provides key insights for every level of business:
Operational Reporting, Business Analytics, & Actionable Analytics

Understand your voice of the customer and build better experiences. Automatically working in the background of every interaction, the Zappix Analytics Suite produces actionable intelligence based on customer behaviors and user trends throughout the Zappix platform. Beautiful reports right out of the box, with customizable insights just a few clicks away.

The data every level of your organization needs:

Operational Reporting, Business Analytics, & Actionable Analytics.

Business Benefits

Net Promoter Score

See key survey results and customer insights including Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other key voice of the customer information.

Cost Savings

Measure and monitor call containment from Zappix automated self-service solutions and make intelligent, cost saving adjustments.

data visualization

See the statistics

The Zappix Analytics Suite comes fully equipped with informational graphs, plots, and other tools to track and dig into your data right out of the box. User volumes, usage trends, channel insights and more displayed in beautifully organized graphics. Dive deeper with customizable parameters and preferred channel insights in just a few clicks.

daily details

Operate smoothly

Tracking and maintaining daily operations is simple and easy with the Zappix Analytics Suite. Operations managers can easily measure and manage usage volumes, track licenses, and coordinate general daily product operation. The Analytics Suite provides every detail and insight they need to guarantee everything is running smoothly today and stays that way tomorrow.

Intelligent insight

Make Informed Decisions

The Zappix Analytics Suite notifies business leaders of actionable insights as they happen, enabling fast, informed decision making. Manage active alerts by predetermining benchmarks depending on customizable streams and trends. Be alerted to sudden increases in sales or decreases in usage and never be caught behind the eight ball again.

Smart business

Shape the future

Learn customer trends and leverage usage data into creating better experiences for consumers. The business analytics module focuses on constructive insights like which menus customers prefer, what FAQs are viewed the most, and what users comment about the most. Use these contextual insights to emphasize menus, explain important details, and focus on deflecting new customer needs.

Capabilities that grow with you

User Friendly

Beautiful charts and plots make understanding user data simple and easy. Create new actionable analytics streams with the click of a button.


Integrate all your visual channels and support faster customer experiences from voice IVR, email, text messages, and more.

Control Access

Allow limited access depending on different users’ roles. Control what data each user sees with simple controls.

Seamless Integrations

Zappix Analytics Suite quickly and seamlessly integrates with any partner or third-party platforms you use to smoothly fit into your workflows.

Customized Dashboards

View every Analytics Suite insight in a customizable dashboard view and easily access deeper levels of data and more specific insights.

User Behavior Tracking

Understand user trends and see exactly how every Zappix interaction progresses automatically.

Active Alerts

Never miss critical service behaviors or important usage changes with actionable analytics alerts sent directly to your managers.