Digital Agent Assist

Empower Agents

Accelerate agent productivity with in-call intelligence, smart self-service modules, and workflow process automation.

Zappix Digital Agent Assist optimizes every agent interaction. If a Zappix user decides to talk with a live agent, Zappix transfers the entire customer journey to the agent. Every form filled and option selected in Zappix interfaces is sent directly to agents.

Agent-initiated self-service tools improve CX and find a successful resolution faster by sending the caller text messages and emails with links to forms, videos, FAQ pages and more that expedite the assistance process when needed.

Win/Win/Win Solution


Accelerate live calls to reduce average handle time, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction


Reduce effort, streamline calls to shorten time spent on the phone, and save links to self-service to use later


Make interactions faster and easier, removing mundane, tedious tasks from agents’ plates and reducing burnout


Reduced Agent Burnout

Zappix provides critical context when customers choose to transfer to a live agent, giving them a leg up and improving their employee experience.

Accelerate Live Calls

Digital Agent Assist enables agents to expedite live calls, reducing average handle time and increasing overall call efficiency.

Cost Savings

Streamlining processes and empowering customers with self-service options translates to lower operational costs for businesses.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Elevate the customer experience by providing efficient and innovative solutions during live interactions. Increase first call resolution and leave customers satisfied with every engagement.

Agent-Initiated Self-Service Tools:

Self-Service Smart Forms

Enable callers to fill dynamic forms themselves, updating backend systems in real-time. Ideal for intake forms, registration processes, claims submissions, and more.

Digital Payments

Securely send callers direct access to payment gateways, eliminating the need for agents to handle sensitive payment details. Streamline the payment process for a quicker and more secure transaction.

Digital Surveys

Connect with the voice of the customer by sending post-interaction surveys. Gather valuable feedback to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

Picture Upload

Give callers the ability to upload photos and videos directly to CRM in real time, simplifying and accelerating the service process

Dynamic FAQs

Connect customers directly to engaging, relevant FAQs with informational videos, helpful photos, geolocation, and audio prompts

Document Downloads

Connect callers directly to important documents through secure digital access

Agent Assist Demos

Capabilities that grow with you

Endless Integrations

Zappix Agent Collaboration Tools connect to any CRM or agent interface you use to empower all of your CSRs.

Contextual transfers

Every piece of information submitted to Zappix Visual IVR can be seamlessly transferred to agents if customers opt to speak with a live agent.

Painless growth

Add more agents and scale your Agent Collaboration Tools easily as you grow thanks to cloud-based Zappix solutions.

Measure results

Improve your customer service interactions by tracking how different agents are using Zappix capabilities and which solutions agents connect customers to most often.


Integrate all your visual channels and support faster customer experiences from voice IVR, email, text messages, and more.

Agent Initiated Self-Service

Empower consumers to solve customer service issues on their own with integrated Visual IVR and powerful digital forms.