Customer Service RPA


Purposefully built to provide the perfect amount of automation to support self-service solutions
The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) means finding the right balance between innovative automation, dependable solutions, and budget-friendly technology necessitates fast, highly adaptable technology.
Equip your customer service with exactly the right amount of automation with Customer Service RPA — automation built for exactly what you need.

Business Benefits

Net Promoter Score

Zappix technology earns an average NPS over 82 thanks to fast solutions and user-friendly interfaces.

Call Containment

Deflect more calls away from contact centers and customer service representatives with increased call containment rates.

Cost Savings

Automated interactions get more successful resolutions while reducing your contact center budget.

Average Handle Time

Your customers help solve customer service issues and decrease average handle time (AHT) with smart self-service.


Cut to the chase

Zappix Customer Service RPA adds just the right amount of automation to support advanced self-service customer experiences. Automate the most wasteful, repetitive processes and streamline customer service with RPA bots built for your exact needs. Customer Service RPA leverages proven, reliable technology without the need for an enterprise technology team.



Boost your tech stack

Seamlessly and effortlessly integrate with your existing technology stack and databases to transform valuable CRMs, ERPs, and Customer Support Platforms into modern automation engines. Zappix API integrations connect to any backend system you use to deliver the information your customers need in milliseconds. Your data has never been this powerful.


Work smarter

Every day customer service agents handle an onslaught of tedious customer service calls. Lighten their load and enhance their capabilities with Robotic Process Automation assistants. Zappix Customer Service RPA contains monotonous customer service tasks and lets your agents focus on interactions where their expertise is most useful, enhancing CX and preventing agent burnout.

Capabilities that grow with you

Zero code required

With simple integrations and an intuitive visual interface, Zappix Customer Service RPA doesn’t require coding or a large tech team to implement.


Give customers the ability to solve customer service needs on their own and deflect calls away from the contact center.

API intergration

Customer Service RPA easily connects to any database or backend system to leverage all your data and solve customers’ needs.

Agent empowerment

Deflect tedious, tiresome service calls away from agents with powerful self-service capabilities and reduce agent burnout

Fast editing

Change integrations in seconds and instantly publish new solutions to quickly and easily grow your automation solutions over time.

Cloud-based solutions

Every Zappix solution is delivered through constantly maintained cloud-based technology meaning customers never have to download an update.

Modular architecture

Add and remove integrations at the click of a button depending on which processes require automation at any given time.


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