Streamline the patient acquisition process, making it more efficient, effective, and patient-centric than ever before.

Streamline the process of accessing specialty medications. With a focus on enhancing patient experiences, we offer intuitive interfaces and personalized support to guide individuals seamlessly from inquiry to prescription fulfillment.

Empower patients with instant engagement tools. Easy to navigate, automated, visual menus provide assistance through any channel citizens choose 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Patient Acquisition

Enhance patient acquisition through personalized interactions, streamlined communication channels, and targeted outreach strategies.

By constructing a seamless Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) process, Zappix facilitates targeted messaging via SMS and email, guiding potential users of specific drugs, such as those with cardiac disease, to a dynamic, on-demand visual app. This app delivers comprehensive information about the drug through a rich multimedia experience, including text, images, videos, and downloadable PDFs, ensuring that patients receive the personalized support and resources they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey.

Specialty Medication

Promptly initiate contact and streamline the onboarding process to minimize abandonment rates with Zappix Digital Engagement.

Through targeted communication, Zappix Digital Engagement provides comprehensive information about the prescribed medication, including details about potential side effects, administration instructions, interactions with other medications, and any special care requirements, such as storage conditions. Patients are then seamlessly guided to initiate the onboarding process through our on-demand app, ensuring a smooth transition into their treatment journey.


Ensure patients stick to their medication schedules, to save pharmaceutical companies significant revenue and to improve patient outcomes.

Zappix’s user journey for medication adherence begins with patients receiving timely reminders via SMS and/or email, directing them to the on-demand mobile app. These reminders not only emphasize the importance of adhering to their medication schedule but also provide essential information about the treatment and any special precautions necessary for medication preservation.

Additionally, Zappix incorporates an interactive feature within the reminders, allowing patients to confirm whether they have taken or received the medication. By focusing on continuous outreach, Zappix aims to minimize the risk of non-adherence, thereby mitigating potential financial losses for pharmaceutical companies.

Analytics & Surveys

Informed decision-making is essential for success in the pharmaceutical industry. Zappix provides valuable data-driven insights, allowing pharmaceutical companies to track patient behavior, measure engagement metrics, and optimize strategies for better outcomes.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. Surveys automatically served at the end of visual experiences collect the voice of citizens and give direct insight into what they care about. See what needs users access most often, and when different types of requests increase or decrease to get a complete understanding of your citizens.

Digital Engagement Benefits