Digital Self-Service

Empower Customers

Transform your customer service landscape with Digital Self-Service – where efficiency meets results.

Empower your customers and revolutionize your customer service experience with Zappix's omnichannel Digital Self-Service. This innovative solution enables enterprises to seamlessly implement self-service options, reducing costs, improving customer experience, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Cost Reduction

Drive significant cost savings by deflecting routine queries from live agent interactions to the efficient self-service platform. Digital Self-Service empowers customers to find solutions independently, optimizing resource allocation.

High Containment Rates

Experience industry-leading containment rates exceeding 75%. Our technology ensures that customers can resolve their queries and issues through the self-service platform, minimizing the need for agent intervention.

Improved KPIs

Elevate key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Average Handling Time (AHT) and wait time. Digital Self-Service streamlines processes, reducing the time customers spend in queues and enhancing overall service efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Prioritize customer satisfaction by offering a seamless and intuitive self-service experience. Customers can access information, troubleshoot problems, and perform transactions independently, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Supporting Inbound Calls

Zappix Visual IVR is a revolutionary digital & visual self-service tool enabling mobile customers to quickly resolve their customer service needs by themselves, wherever they are, and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a Call Center Representative (CSR).

The caller is provided with an option in the IVR to use self-service. When they choose it, Zappix sends a text message with a link to the Visual IVR. The customer then resolves the reason they called using their mobile phone, all in simple to use visual menus and options.

Supporting Omnichannel Capabilities

Cloud-based, visual web-apps deliver digital self-service to every digital device customers use, with no download required. End-to-end automation available on multiple channels at a fraction of the cost of building & maintaining a native app. Automate common service needs like order tracking, appointment confirmation, FAQs, and more.

Customers instantly access On-Demand Apps’ customer service automation whenever they need them, through any digital channel they choose. Zappix On-Demand Apps provide all the advantages of native apps without the cost to build and the effort to maintain them.

Comprehensive Self-Service Capabilities

Workflow Automation

Streamline processes with automated workflows that guide users through self-service options. Ensure a smooth and intuitive customer journey, enhancing user satisfaction.

Integration to Back-End Systems

Seamlessly integrate with your existing back-end systems for real-time access to relevant data. Provide accurate and up-to-date information to customers without manual interventions.

Detailed Analytics

Gain valuable insights into customer interactions and behavior. Digital Self-Service includes robust analytics tools, allowing you to track user patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Device agnostic and multi-channel access:

The Zappix Digital Self-Service works on every digital device (mobile phone, tablet, and computers) and can be accessed from different channels – voice channels (Visual IVR), websites (Visual Bots), text messages, emails, QR codes, and more.

Capabilities that grow with you

Endless Integrations

Zappix Agent Collaboration Tools connect to any CRM or agent interface you use to empower all of your CSRs.

Contextual transfers

Every piece of information submitted to Zappix Visual IVR can be seamlessly transferred to agents if customers opt to speak with a live agent.

Painless growth

Add more agents and scale your Agent Collaboration Tools easily as you grow thanks to cloud-based Zappix solutions.

Brand customization

Make sure every Visual IVR menu conveys the same brand and messaging as the material you already distribute to customers.

Measure results

Improve your customer service interactions by tracking how different agents are using Zappix capabilities and which solutions agents connect customers to most often.

Seamless connections

Zappix solutions leverage loose coupling to easily connect to any partner or third-party backend system or database you use once customer submit information.


Integrate all your visual channels and support faster customer experiences from voice IVR, email, text messages, and more.


Empower consumers to solve customer service issues on their own with integrated Visual IVR and powerful digital forms.