Zappix Studio

Accelerating Success

The cloud-based Low-Code/No-Code platform allows Zappix to create and modify Mobile On-Demand Apps in a blink of an eye.
Integrate with every 3rd party back-end system without coding through the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio platform

The Zappix Studio platform puts the power to design, build, update and launch innovative On-Demand experiences at your fingertips. Transform your CX on the fly without the need for software coding.
Zappix Studio is your key to enhancing customer satisfaction, boosting agent productivity, and reducing contact center costs.

Business Benefits

Low Burden Innovation

No development skills are required to master the drag-and-drop Zappix Studio system

Build Rome In A Day

Create and launch your Mobile On-Demand App solution in hours

Immediate Flexibility

Changes for production customers made in seconds delivering the best possible experience to end users

Instant Transformation

Publish instantly with virtually real-time updates to cloud-based Zappix web-apps. Don’t make end users download anything ever again

Build What You Need

E-Comm Self-Service

Transform CX for retail customer service callers quickly and easily.


Significantly reduce healthcare appointment no-shows.

Claims Management

Submit more robust insurance claims faster with integrated automation.

Tracking Services

Simplify the complex shipping and logistics process with easy to use self-service capabilities.

Digital Debt Collection

An automated, digital, and cost-effective solution for collecting micro debts.

Service Interruption

Dramatically easy the pressure on utility provider call centers during service interruptions.

Targeted Banners

drag and drop

No coding required

Build On-Demand Apps and Visual IVR menus with Zappix Studio’s no-code platform. The best in class drag-and-drop system means shorter development and implementation cycles and less reliance on IT. Built-in RPA & integration engines make connecting your systems easier than ever. Choose from Zappix templates to customize your look and feel, or create a design to blend seamlessly with your brand identity.

lightning fast

Succeed immediately

Every solution made through Zappix Studio lives in the cloud, with fast changes and instant publishing capabilities. Never make customers download app updates again thanks to automatic updates available immediately after they’re published. Edit and change existing implementations using Zappix Studio in minutes.

total compatibility

Increase efficiency

Simple and easy to use Zappix Studio integrations mean automating repetitive solutions to customer service calls has never been faster. Simply copy and paste your API keys into the Zappix Studio integration center and join the automation revolution.

Capabilities that grow with you

User Friendly

The Zappix Studio no-code solution turns anyone into a programmer thanks to user-friendly interfaces and helpful tutorials.


Build Zappix solutions accessible from any and every channel your customers choose to optimize success.

Control Access

Allow limited access depending on different users’ roles. Control what capabilities each user sees with simple controls.

Seamless Integrations

Zappix API connectivity quickly and seamlessly integrates Zappix solutions with any partner or third-party platforms you use.

Customized dashboards

Every user connected to Zappix Studio can choose customizable dashboard views to organize their workflows.


Give customers the ability to solve customer service needs on their own and deflect calls away from the contact center.

Brand customization

Make sure every On-Demand experience conveys the same brand and messaging as the material you already distribute to customers.


Use Zappix Studio to customize the language of any Zappix solution for every market you do business in.