Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zappix?

Zappix brings Customer Service from touchtone age to Smartphone and Social Media age. Consumers use the free (and committed to stay that way) iOS and Android Zappix app with visual navigation to bypass the annoying phone menus saving time and frustration and also access web and social media quickly. Businesses can subscribe to Zappix service to provide superior customer experience and configure self-service options that consumers can access anytime and anywhere.

Do I have to use Zappix to dial a menu?

No, on Android phones you can dial regularly and if Zappix supports that business the Zappix visual menu will appear automatically.

Does Zappix support my phone?

Currently Zappix supports Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

Are the Zappix menus identical to the phone menus?

Yes, they are identical in most cases. However, we regularly improve upon the menus. Your final destination is also saved for you in the “Recents” tab and you can redial it directly at any time.


If you make a mistake in the path, just use the back button and correct it since the call doesn’t start until you select a destination.

When does Zappix dial?

Zappix only dials when you press the “Phone” or “Operator” icon that represents a final destination. The airtime charge only starts at that time.

What about information needed to complete the call?

    • Some menus require entering information such as your account number, order number, etc… Zappix will ask you to enter this information prior to placing the call and will send it to the destination once the call is active. Zappix can remember those numbers for you for the next time you will need to dial.


  • We care about your privacy! It is important to note that personal or private information is only stored locally on the Smartphone and is not transmitted or stored on the Zappix servers.

Why do I hear the voice menu while Zappix dials?

Just ignore! Zappix is taking you quickly through the menu.

How long will the call take?

Zappix displays a progress bar that estimates the connection time, when the progress bar has completed you will be connected to your destination.

So what do I really save if I have to go though the call progress?

  • You save the long wait and listening to the many options that are not relevant to your call. And you get to the right destination the first time!
  • You can navigate through the menus and go back and forth even before the call has started.
  • If you made a mistake, there is no need to start from the beginning and waste time
  • Still not convinced? Try Zappix once and experience it for yourself!

I used Zappix and I got to the wrong destination?

Our goal is that this won’t happen. However, if you did find an error in our menus, please send us feedback on the survey at the end of your call, so we can correct it as soon as possible.

How many businesses does Zappix support?

Zappix currently supports some of the top businesses and our list is growing everyday. If your desired business destination is not supported yet, please add it to our wishlist.

Look us up on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates!

I want to add my business to Zappix. How do I do it ?

Please contact us through our Support page and we will work with you on adding your business.

I tried to install the app and got an error message

Do you have an iPhone or an Android Device? Are you installing from a standard browser? If the answers are yes and you are still getting errors, please contact us through our Support page and we will be happy to assist you with the installation.