Digital Debt Collection

An automated, digital, and cost-effective solution for collecting micro-debts from a high volume of debtors.
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Collection As A Service

The Zappix Digital Debt Collection solution treats debtors as clients and offers them the most convenient, easy to use debt payment solution. Proactive messaging, seamlessly integrated payment gateways, and optional promotions remove many barriers to entry for payment.
Modern technology makes repayment easy
Automate outreach for increased volumes
Lowers costs through end-to-end automation
Easy management with drag-and-drop technology
Improves debtor experience and satisfaction
Give debtors convenient and accessible payment options wherever and whenever they connect with Zappix visual interfaces powered by revolutionary on-demand technology.
Frictionless Zappix experiences are easy to use, breaking down barriers to repayment and consistently earning Net Promotor Scores (NPS) over 85. Fast, successful, and enjoyable interactions relieve pressure on debtors throughout the complex repayment process, and increase satisfaction, encouraging repayment.
Zappix Visual IVR
zappix robotic process automation RPA Cuts to the chase
The Zappix Digital Debt Collection solution leverages Zappix Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots built specifically for debt collection to create complete, end-to-end, automation. Add speed and efficiency to your debt process.
Purposeful, intelligent automation integrations make Zappix interactions lightning fast and relieve pressure on your live collection agents. Zappix bots diversify your outreach methods, letting agents focus on traditional methods while Customer Service RPA adds another layer of success.

Active Engagement

Send text and email messages to large distribution lists to actively engage the debt collection process and connect with debtors with Zappix Outbound Engagement.

Actionable Analytics

Track every step of the debt collection process with accurate data collection and actionable analytics reports and alerts inside the Zappix Campaign Editor.

Campaign Editor

Make every automated outreach interaction matter with the best-in-class Campaign Editor powered by drag-and-drop Zappix Studio technology.
Customizable Zappix APIs automatically add debtor information to your campaign database. Add more debtors and debtor information through single or bulk uploads and create targeted or bulk contact lists with the click of a button. Customize every step of the Digital Debt Collection experience in seconds without any coding experience or IT team.
Design Your Way with zappix survey engine
Zappix Visual IVR

Analytics Suite

Track and analyze every Zappix interaction and leverage actionable insights to remove barriers to repayment and increase debt repayment rates.
Automatically working in the background of every interaction, the Zappix Analytics Suite produces actionable intelligence based on debtor behaviors and trends throughout the Digital Debt Collection solution. Beautiful reports right out of the box, with customizable insights just a few clicks away.