Powerful patient engagement & revenue recovery

Zappix transforms patient care. Connect directly to patients through whatever channels they use to create more personalized, more responsive communication. Scheduling appointments, connecting to patients with disabilities, and other patient-oriented tasks are made easy and secure with HIPAA-compliant Zappix solutions.


Zappix No Show

Automated patient reminders and innovative self-service On-Demand App interfaces significantly reduce no-shows and actively increase staff efficiency and productivity. SMS reminders, email notifications, and outbound calls deliver interactive appointment reminders to encourage confirmation, cancelation, or rescheduling of appointments.

Digital Patient Engagement

Deep, personalized patient engagement delivered quickly and seamlessly without the need for a large technology team. Independent clinics & departments within healthcare institutions stay constantly connected to patients and schedules with self-service efficiency and automatic updates.

Pre/Post Procedure Management

Guide patients smoothly throughout the entire procedure process from prep through post procedure care. Keep patients on schedule and connected to the care they need through automated reminders and interactive tools. Increase your procedure success rate.

Additional Use Cases

Appointment Confirmation

Automatically and proactively confirm appointments with patients through text message or email to reduce no-shows

Schedule Appointments

Show patients open dates, schedule future appointments, and change current healthcare appointments

Physician Lookup

Refer patients to physicians in their healthcare network and remove confusion about qualifying procedures with always updated database integration

Hospital Locator

Direct patients to relevant healthcare centers near them for treatment and easily give directions with native map application connections


Process requests for refills and automatically update healthcare records to reflect fulfilled requests

View & Update Records

Securely connect patients to any digital medical record through secure, HIPPA-complient Zappix channels




The Power of Visual IVR


Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

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