Scheduling appointments, properly preparing patients for procedures, and all patient engagement tasks are made easy and secure with HIPAA-compliant Zappix solutions.

Zappix transforms patient care and improves outcomes. Connect directly to patients through whatever channels they use to create more personalized, more responsive communication. Zappix patient engagement solutions create engaging digital patient interactions for every type of patient while removing unnecessary bureaucratic burden from staff.

Zappix Digital Patient Engagement solutions deliver better patient experiences at every stage of the patient journey:

Digital Patient Engagement

Deploy timely reminders with educational information about what patients need to do every day.

Automated On-Demand Apps, Visual IVR, and No-Show solutions, as well as proactive outreach capabilities improve quality of care, increase clinic efficiency, and achieve better business results.

The End of No-Shows

Interactive digital patient engagement reduces no-shows with proactive reminders and pre-procedure guidance that make sure patients are prepared for visits.

Automated patient reminders and innovative self-service On-Demand App interfaces significantly reduce no-shows and actively increase staff efficiency and productivity. SMS reminders, email notifications, and outbound calls deliver interactive appointment reminders to encourage confirmation, cancelation, or rescheduling of appointments.

Analytics & Patient Insights

Track and analyze every step of the patient journey to understand which use cases get the most volume, where callers get stuck, and what callers really think about your customer experience.

Every interaction is tracked on Zappix platforms and presented using the intuitive Zappix analytics dashboard. See what customer service needs users access most often, when customer service requests increase or decrease, and leverage integrated surveys to get a complete understanding of the voice of the customer.

Reduce Burden on Staff

Shift bureaucratic burden from staff to automated solutions to engage patients, update databases, and convert more referrals without needing to manually call patients on the phone.

No more tedious patient phone calls. Zappix Patient Engagement solutions launche in under four weeks with zero learning curve for staff, delivering results quickly and easily. The easy to use drag-and-drop Zappix Studio platform empowers even non-technical staff to create rich, app-like experiences without the need to code.

Potential Use Cases


Appointment Confirmation

Automatically and proactively confirm appointments with patients through text message or email to reduce no-shows.

Schedule Appointments

Show patients open dates, schedule future appointments, and change current healthcare appointments.


Process requests for refills and automatically update healthcare records to reflect fulfilled requests.


Direct patients to relevant healthcare centers near them for treatment and easily give directions with native map application connections.


Physician Lookup

Refer patients to physicians in their healthcare network and remove confusion about qualifying procedures with always updated database integration.

View/Update Records

Securely connect patients to any digital medical record through secure, HIPPA-complient Zappix channels.




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