COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling & Education Solution

Stop the spread with modern digital communication. Book vaccinations, manage appointments, communicate clearly, and educate patients.

Accelerate Vaccine Scheduling & Rollout

Deploy the Zappix Vaccination Scheduling solution in under 4 weeks to deliver messages via text messages and emails and convey the value of vaccination to the general public. Users smoothly and reliably book and manage vaccination appointments, and receive an automated reminder when it’s time to schedule the second vaccination.

Accelerate Action

Zappix automation makes scheduling appointments easy and proactive messaging connects patients to the vaccine.

Break down barriers to scheduling
Connect patients directly to vaccines
Geolocation & other smartphone functions make sure patients connect to the best location for them

Increase Understanding

Connect patients to knowledge bases, educational videos, and other media to increase understanding about the value of vaccination.

Visual menus create compelling knowledge bases
Digital channel allows for mixed media and video FAQ
Educate patients to increase vaccination percentage


Proven Technology

Launch the right solution in under 4 weeks

Proactive Engagement

Deliver informational, engaging messaging directly to patients to proactively increase appointment scheduling. Get more patients vaccinated faster.

Preparation Materials

Make sure patients arrive at appointments prepared for success by sending appropriate preparation reminders and material on exactly the right days and times beforehand.

Reminders & Alerts

Easily remind patients when it’s time for their second vaccination by adding intelligent automation to your databases. Zappix retry logic sends appointment reminders and alerts to designated patients and automatically determines the best channel.

Appointment Confirmation

Automated reminders sent to patients dramatically reduce appointment no-shows and offer convenient appointment rescheduling that automatically updates your schedules.




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