Digital Patient Engagement

Cultivate fast, seamless communication between providers & patients

Real-Time Patient Connections

Automated On-Demand Apps, Visual IVR, and No-Show solutions, as well as proactive outreach capabilities improve quality of care, increase clinic efficiency, and achieve better business results.
  1. Omnichannel Engagement
  2. On-Demand Solutions
  3. Successful Service

Appointment no-show reduction

Improved quality of care and more personalized interactions

Always updated customer communication

Increased efficiency and staff utilization

Proactive outreach converts prospects to patients

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Perfect for:


Appointment Confirmation

Automated reminders sent to customers dramatically reduce appointment no-shows and offer convenient appointment rescheduling that automatically updates your schedules.

Prospect Programs

Help turn prospects into patients with personalized, targeted messages offering event reminders, automated sign ups, and informational handouts & videos. Help more patients find healthcare.

Reminders & Alerts

Easily add intelligent automation to your databases with retry logic that sends appointment reminders and healthcare alerts to designated patients and automatically determines the best channel.

Preparation Materials

Make sure patients arrive at appointments and procedures prepared for success by sending appropriate preparation reminders and material on exactly the right days and times beforehand.

On-Demand Apps

Revolutionary Zappix technology turns patient interactions into state of the art self-service experiences, smoothly guiding them directly to the answers patients need whenever and wherever they need them.

Frictionless digital patient experiences consistently earn Net Promotor Scores (NPS) over 85, and successfully resolve almost every call forwarded to them. Fast, successful, and enjoyable interactions increase patient satisfaction and improve the quality of care provided.

Outbound Engagement

Help patients succeed wherever they are. Reach out to patients to help them get prepared and stay on schedule for improved health.

Zappix intelligent Outbound Engagement solutions connect to patients at exactly the right time through whatever channels create the best results. Automatically send targeted messages through SMS, email, robo-calls, and other digital channels.

Let patients confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments, prepare for appointments and procedures, and many other solutions. Intelligent retry logic bots learn which channels work well and automatically make sure patients get the right message.

Lahey Health found great success using the Zappix Digital Patient Engagement solution at their Medical Weight Loss clinic.

“By offering [Zappix] to our patients we take patient engagement to the next level and provide an improved patient experience.”

Amanda G. Powell, MD
Director of Medical Weight Loss at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Appointment Confirmation

When patients are scheduled for appointments, they are each connected to innovative Zappix On-Demand Apps via SMS, email, or outbound calls to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments. The service is fully automated, and the type, frequency, and schedule of the messages will be determined by the healthcare provider. The solution allows patients to complete the full confirmation or reschedule process quickly and easily.
Text message & email sent:
Mobile On-Demand App pops up allowing direct confirmation, cancelation, or rescheduling of appointments.
If no response received so far:
Another text & email sent. Second Mobile On-Demand App pops up encouraging appointment confirmation.
If no response received so far:
Another text & email sent.
If no response received by 6pm:
An outbound call is initiated.
If no response received so far:
Another text & email sent.
At 7AM:
SMS appointment reminder sent.




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