No Show

Automated patient reminders and innovative self-service On-Demand Apps significantly reduce no-shows and actively increase staff productivity.
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Consistent Reliability

Add confidence to staff schedules and enhance the patient experience by getting everyone on the same page and making appointment no-shows a thing of the past.
Reduces appointment no-shows
Increases staff schedule reliability
Revenue loss recovery
Improves staff productivity
Automatically manages availability

The Challenge

The US healthcare system loses $150 billion every year because of no-shows. Assuming each appointment costs $200 each, a single mid-sized clinic seeing 50 patients a day with a no-show rate of 16% will lose over $400,000 per year as a result.
Many healthcare providers experience no-show rates much higher than 16%. With that many patients skipping appointments, the resulting loss of revenue and unproductive time in staff schedules can have a massive impact on a clinic’s success.
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Zappix No-Show Solution for Healthcare Providers

The Solution

Zappix No-Show combines interactive On-Demand Apps and Customer Service RPA technology with SMS reminders, email notifications, and outbound calls to reduce patient no-shows and save revenue for healthcare providers. No-Show is supported by the comprehensive Zappix Analytics Suite’s real-time actionable insights.

The Results:

With the Zappix No Show solution more patients attend appointments, staff are utilized more efficiently, & revenue otherwise lost to no-shows is recovered.
Revenue Recovery

Automated reminders and appointment rescheduling tools reduce costly no-shows, recovering lost revenue for medical centers.

Increased Staff Productivity

Reduced no-shows create more reliable staff schedules meaning less energy spent waiting for patients and more energy spent attending to patients and completing tasks.

Automated Efficiency

Tedious manual tasks like rescheduling appointments are shifted to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Every Zappix solution delivers results quickly and conveniently, making patient interactions more enjoyable and increasing patient satisfaction.

Appointment Confirmation

Not limited to simple appointment reminders, Zappix No Show provides powerful appointment confirmation tools. When patients are scheduled for appointments, they are each connected to innovative Zappix On-Demand Apps via SMS, email, or outbound calls to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments. The service is fully automated, and the type, frequency, and schedule of the messages will be determined by the healthcare provider. The solution allows patients to complete the full confirmation or reschedule process quickly and easily.
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Text message & email sent:

Mobile On-Demand App pops up allowing direct confirmation, cancelation, or rescheduling of appointments.

Appointment Confirmation Schedule Process Orange

If no response received so far:

Another text & email sent. Second Mobile On-Demand App pops up encouraging appointment confirmation.

Appointment Confirmation Schedule Process Orange

If no response received so far:

Another text & email sent.

If no response received by 6pm:

An outbound call is initiated.

Appointment Confirmation Schedule Process Orange

If no response received so far:

Another text & email sent.

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SMS appointment reminder sent.


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