Faster, constantly accessible connections

Answer any public sector question citizens might have through digital interfaces and robotic process automation (RPA) built specifically for government. Automated solutions reduce pressure on live agents, deflecting tedious, repetitive calls and letting agents focus on more engaging, complex interactions where their expertise is best utilized.


Citizen Engagement Platform

Stay acutely connected to local citizens and keep them actively engaged with governmental activities and notifications. Automated On-Demand digital self-service technology gives citizens the answers they want without the need for live agents through rich visual menus and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) designed specifically for government.

Additional Use Cases

Policy FAQ

Provide citizens instantly accessible knowledge bases to answer the most important questions regarding public policy, taxation, and other areas.

Contact Officials

Engaged citizens can quickly and easily find and utilize contact information for any government official. Lookup by name, department, or title.

Video Tutorials

Some questions can’t be answered with a simple conversation. Deploy more informative video tutorials to answer more complex questions.

Submitting Forms

Interactive forms automatically answer citizens’ needs. Change of address, government applications, and more available instantly.

Agent Assistance

All Zappix functions are available for agents to send to citizens who do opt to speak with live agents to increase the chances of a successful interaction.


Use geolocation to instantly guide citizens to government locations. Zappix solutions integrate into native map applications for easy directions.




The Power of Visual IVR


Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

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