Zappix Products

The suite of Zappix CX products caters to the various needs of customer care professionals. Let Zappix help you provide the best service to your customers and the best tools for your business.

A faster, better, and more efficient experience for customers calling into your contact center.
Zappix Visual IVR is a revolutionary digital & visual self-service tool enabling customers to swiftly resolve their customer service needs by themselves, wherever they are, and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a Call Center Representative (CSR).

Your business will enjoy improved customer satisfaction, less agent burnout and reduced costs.
Give your customers instant access to self-service virtual apps to swiftly solve their needs and avoid a call to customer service or an needless native app download.
Customers immediately enjoy On-Demand Apps whenever they need them, through any channel they choose. Zappix On-Demand Apps provide all the advantages of native apps without the cost to build and the effort to maintain them.

Speedy implementation, instant access, immediate updates, and omnichannel connections create a superior self-service experience.
Connect with your customers through the best channel available at the best time possible.
Targeted, personalized communication guides customers to the service solutions they need, cultivating the best customer experience and providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Zappix Outbound Engagement leverages digital and voice channels to get the right message to the right audience exactly when they need it.
Give agents more context and caller information and enhance their capabilities to create more successful resolutions.
If a Zappix user decides to talk with a live agent, Zappix transfers the entire customer journey to the agent. Every form filled and option selected in Zappix interfaces is sent directly to agents.

Zappix technology enables agents to improve CX and find a successful resolution faster by sending the caller text messages and emails with links to forms, videos, FAQ pages and more that will expedite the assistance process when needed.
The Zappix Analytics Suite provides key insights for every level of business: Operational Reporting, Business Analytics, & Actionable Analytics.
Understand your voice of the customer and build better experiences. Automatically working in the background of every interaction, the Zappix Analytics Suite produces actionable intelligence based on customer behaviors and user trends throughout the Zappix platform.

Beautiful reports right out of the box, with customizable insights just a few clicks away.
Create and amend intuitive visual experiences without coding through the best in class drag-and-drop Zappix Studio platform.
The Zappix Studio platform puts the power to design, build, update and launch innovative On-Demand experiences in your hands. Transform your CX on the fly with instant publishing.

Zappix Studio is your key to enhancing customer satisfaction, boosting agent productivity, and reducing contact center costs.
Purposefully built to provide the perfect amount of automation to support self-service solutions.
The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) means finding the right balance between innovative automation, dependable solutions, and budget-friendly technology necessitates fast, highly adaptable technology.

Equip your customer service with exactly the right amount of automation with Customer Service RPA — automation built for exactly what you need.
Digital customer feedback deployed through any digital channel turns insights into action.
Zappix digital customer feedback solutions keep businesses connected to the voice of the customer. Zappix allows customers to access surveys through QR codes, text messages, embedded links, and other digital channels.

Managers and project leaders are then immediately sent an email containing individual survey results, or given access to a tabulated summary of results organized by customizable categories and variables.

An On-Demand Advantage

Visual IVR and On-Demand Apps increase self-service, lower calls to live agents, and save money for contact centers while providing a seamless, automated customer experience that users in our mobile-oriented society love.

Transform the customer journey during contact center interactions with Visual IVR solutions. Create new revenue opportunities with promotional banners, and understand customer behavior with an actionable Analytics Suite.

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