Seamlessly connected customer care

Zappix On-Demand Customer Service technology transforms CX for retail customers and enhances employee capabilities. WIZMO, returns, and other critical functions are simply and elegantly solved by the Zappix platform. Connect your customers to the Visual IVR revolution today to increase customer satisfaction and grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


E-Comm Self-Service

Turn tedious customer service interactions into the most enjoyable CX possible. Instantly answer customers through every digital channel. Invest in Customer Lifetime Value by creating happier, more satisfied customers while helping live agents put their skills to better use and reducing contact center costs.

Proactive Customer Service

Actively grow sales and provide a personalized e-commerce experience that guides customers to the information they need exactly when they need it. Proactive Customer Service provides the most user friendly digital platform for continuously updating customers about new promotions and previous purchases.

Additional Use Cases

WIZMO Requests

Immediately serve customers tracking information when they call contact centers equipped with any legacy IVR platform

Returns Processing

Submit returns directly through smart customer service forms, then immediately download and print the appropriate shipping labels

Loyalty Programs

Track loyalty rewards points earned for various accounts, then view and redeem associated rewards

Account Management

Let customers change payment methods, adjust favorites, create lists, and manage every aspect of their accounts

Store Locator

Use geolocation to instantly discover the most convenient locations nearby. Integrates into native map applications for easy directions

Gift Cards

Accurately check gift card balances between purchases and instantly activate new cards




The Power of Visual IVR


Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

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