Proactive Customer Service

The fastest, most convenient platform for retail customer communication and status updates

Communication Perfected

Reach out to customers through any of their preferred channels at exactly the right time for optimized results. Proactive Customer Communication is the most user-friendly platform for keeping customers consistently updated about new promotions and previous purchases.

On-Demand Apps turn messages into results

Intelligent logic bots make sure your messages are heard

Omnichannel solution connects the way customers prefer

Proactive outreach reduces calls to customer service

Campaign management tools make targeting easy

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On-Demand Apps

The benefits of native apps with none of the drawbacks.

Zappix On-Demand Apps give your customers direct access to customer service solutions wherever they are, through whatever channel they prefer.
Instantly available self-service experiences consistently earn Net Promotor Scores (NPS) over 85, and create successful resolutions quickly. On-Demand Apps handle the most common customer service call dispositions, turning tedious tasks into smooth, simple customer service success.

Outbound Engagement

Connect with your customers through the best channel available at the best time possible.

Stop waiting for customer problems to come to you. Sometimes the best customer service needs proactive solutions.
Zappix intelligent Outbound Engagement platforms reach out to customers at exactly the right time through whatever channels create the best results. Automatically send targeted messages through SMS, email, robo-calls, and other digital channels to advise customers and connect them to immediate solutions. Intelligent retry logic bots learn which channels work well and automatically make sure your business communicates effectively.

Perfect for:

Delivery Updates

Keep customers up to date automatically on the shipping process. Shipping needs & delivery scheduling are managed directly from updates, creating more successful interactions.

Targeted Promotions

Quickly and easily launch promotional campaigns and store sales with communication campaigns targeted by location, customer actions, or any other variable connected to Zappix APIs.

Upsell Opportunities

Zappix integrates directly to any third-party or backend system you already implement, connecting customers to new products they can purchase immediately through integrated payment gateways.


Customer Surveys

In today’s customer-centric retail landscape, understanding the voice of the customer is critical to commercial success. Get to know your consumers with instantly available, painless surveys.

On-Demand Apps Demo

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Built To Integrate

The painlessly simple drag-and-drop Zappix Studio interface connects your databases and backend systems to your customer communications in minutes, turning messages into actionable solutions that drive customer satisfaction.
Proactive Customer Service means reaching out at the right time and offering real solutions to customer needs. No coding is required to give your customers direct access to order statuses, delivery scheduling, and hundreds of other answers to customer questions through custom APIs integrated into Zappix experiences.

Survey Engine

Consumers are the best source for critical business insights. Discover how to increase customer loyalty, grow customer satisfaction, and improve the customer experience by targeting surveys to any customer through any channel.
Every Zappix On-Demand Self-Service interaction concludes with an NPS survey designed to connect your development teams directly to customer insights. Open responses give consumers the opportunity to identify the best aspects of your customer experience, and highlight areas of improvement to help build the perfect CX.




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