Real-time customization and analytics

Make account management straightforward and simplify bill payment with secure Zappix safeguards and digital self-service platforms transforming the user journey. Modern customers demand fast, digital customer service channels delivered whenever and wherever they want.


Service Interruption Management

Escape the flood of interrupted service calls with instant, automatic On-Demand Apps and proactively provide continuous updates to customers looking for more information. Save time and money handling calls so you can focus on restoring service.

Additional Use Cases

Report An Outage

Let users quickly and easily report outage areas with automated geolocation features

Pay Bills

View bills and connect recurring payment options with secure Zappix safeguards

Payment Reminders

Send customers proactive payment reminders with an integrated payment gateway to increase onetime payments

Start/Stop Service

Automate customer requests and streamline the service start and stop processes

Usage Information

View utility usage and manage accounts through secure logins

Schedule Maintenance

Schedule, confirm, cancel, and reschedule maintenance and repair appointments on the fly




The Power of Visual IVR


Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

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