Visual Self-Service

Visual IVR | On-Demand Apps | Proactive Engagement | Agent Assist

Zappix automation reduces costs while improving customer service.

Capitalize on the power of modern tech. On average, Visual IVR handles as much traffic as four agents at the cost of just one.


  • Profitable business models — maintain and even increase profit margins for BPOs while reducing costs to clients. Zappix works closely with your engineering team on adding new features and functionality that is needed for our customers.
  • Automated tedious tasks — reduce agent burnout from tiresome, tedious interactions and free agents up to focus on more complex interactions, increasing agent engagement
  • Improved customer experiences — diverse offerings make BPO portfolios more valuable to clients and prospects
  • Expanded modern portfolios — stand out to prospects and businesses in a crowded customer-focused marketplace
  • Faster scaling during onboarding — effective automation reduces the amount of new hires needed during seasonal ramp ups
  • Elevated service levels — lower average handle times (AHT), wait times, and abandonment times
  • Manage spikes and enhance client revenue — automate low-value calls & bring automated up-sell opportunities to interactions

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Visual IVR has brought legacy IVR trees into the 21st century with the usefulness of an instantly available app without the need for consumers to download anything onto their phones.

Zappix takes automation one step further: delivering excellent CX with a revolutionary business model turning customer service into a profit center.